You Tube

Well here you go!

Episode Eight and I chat a little about my Hadrian’s Wall and the Ridgeway walk I undertake for the charity HENRY in June of this year.

Episode Seven and I welcome you guys back with a little update on my progress.

Episode Six and it appears that I have gotten rid of the Um’s so all is back to normal as it were with me talking about my week.

Episode five is an episode taken when I had a quick minute to spare and a few too many Um’s on my lips.

Episode four is back to normal as it were, talking about my week and having a rant at the papers.

Episode three is a recipe, Hot Thai Prawns and Noodle Salad. Watch me make a culinary delight fit for a fat bloke.

Released Monday 18th May 2015

Second Episode, a bit shorter more on focus about the channel and blog rather than explaining about me

Released Sunday 10th May 2015

First Episode, an introduction to the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet and in introduction to maybe what makes me tick.

Released Sunday 3rd May 2015

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