What Price My Fortune? Must there Be Fame?

Stood in line and someone says “I saw you on TV last night” I smile and reply “Really? I thought Crimewatch was on a Thursday Night” I move on and tongue in cheek am asked to sign something, I reply “Okay, but no cheques” Laughter.

Okay not much in the grand scheme of things but consider this, I was on TV for about 60 seconds yet it was still powerful enough to bring about that reaction.

I recall a conversation I had years ago where it was agreed some people were destined for more than 9 to 5. I had spoken with a musician who although quite successful in Eastern Europe, had never cracked the scene here or in the USA. At that point in my life I had never done anything “creative” apart from appear as the lead in junior school plays and sing in a couple of bands on “open mic night”

I empathized

I know you hear people say when they are finally discovered “Oh I always knew I was destined to do something”. It sounds daft but it really is true. I have been working for thirty years and honestly; I don’t think I have really ever enjoyed myself. Now that’s really not a way to spend your life is it? Over the years I have moved from job to job without knowing why at the time, but I now understand it was always to find something I wanted to do.

Now as daft as it sounds, I honestly believe in my heart of hearts I have always known that I was destined for something different and if having to go through all of these trials and tribulations to get here in order to make me more capable of achieving my goals, then that is fine by me.

I love to write full stop.

I am not always writing this blog or even the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet.

I have written a screenplay called Cracksman, about a bank robber who after being double-crossed finds his redemption as a nightclub singer. I am currently writing a novel and a second screenplay. Along with the blogging, it keeps me busy.

I have always hoped that one day my writing would get me somewhere and since blogging, have had so many encouraging replies from all over the world, I have dived in once again to the world of creation with renewed vigour; and am once again determined to take my best chance. I hope that my writing will give me what I would truly like from life – allow me to earn a living. It would be so nice to be regarded as someone who can actually captivate people with whatever medium it is of my creation that they indulge in. That right there would be my fame (and I don’t mean celebrity) even though nowadays it appears to be a by-product of nearly everything.

As you may know, I am talking to the BBC about a feature on my weight loss journey. This hasn’t been fully agreed but the reporter who started the story has some ideas in place that will mean exposure both for myself and for the Bariatric Service. If it does all happen, it could give me a springboard to launch a new career via a “cyber following” on my blog. However, I am certain the programs main outcome will simply be more people see me over a longer period on the TV, mistake me for someone with a talent and not simply some fat bloke.

We all know it can happen. Just look at the world we live in – it is celebrity for celebrity sake. It appears the only talent you need to be among this type of celebrity is to be able to get onto Big Brother or the like. These people are not talented. They are people plain and simple who by luck have become famous usually for being morally reprehensible or stupid but usually both.

If the documentary happens, I may get some exposure to people who might then start to read the blog. Maybe my writing blossoms and I end up on a show to discuss a new book or other media project. Just as long as it’s not the fact I was spotted eating desert in a restaurant as they make everyone relive the weight loss part of my life. Hopefully it won’t matter by then because maybe, just maybe I will be there on merit and not simply on size.

In the mean time however, I shall continue to blog here on Huffington and enjoy living this part of the dream; and if things really do start go well, I may eventually consider myself to have some modicum of talent after all.

The actual Huffington Post blog can be found here

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