Charity Walk

Well I can think of no better place to announce my intention to make a charitable effort on behalf of the charity HENRY than on my very own blog as I start learning to live life with a whole new lease afforded to me by the surgical weight loss team based at The Churchill Hospital in Oxford. Having recently heard that funding for this type of procedure is under threat of dramatic guideline changes over the next 12 months and beyond, I had decided that I would like to raise money to help with the clinic and the funding itself but this is proving difficult as there is no defined way of making sure the clinic in question actually receives the money. To that end I think prevention is the next best thing and early years prevention seems to be most definitely the answer.

This idea germinated from a post I wrote a several months ago discussing how much I love the countryside and how grateful I am that I will be able to continue enjoying it due to losing so much weight.

So in an act of madness, I shall not be running any marathons but I shall be walking the Ridgeway from Ivinghoe Beacon down to West Kennet. A total of 87 miles which will be walked a gentle pace of just over 15 miles per day from Sunday June 12th through to Friday 17th.

The full itinerary is published here so anyone wishing to join is more than welcome….

As some of you know, this one of the oldest walks in Britain so there should be lots to see and do along the way. I had determined to do this all very much under the radar by simply carrying a rucksack of supplies, a tent to sleep in and food to eat in a bid to be self sufficient for the entire journey and taking only Archie the dog along for company. However, it appears to have grown somewhat with many people wanting to be involved and with us deciding that it could be so much more than just a simple walk. We have decided to ask if schools along the way are interested in joining us, if families that the charity have helped would like to join us etc etc. In fact, any one who wishes to is more than welcome to join us for the walk.

My Twitter page is there for anyone to contact @wbfridgemagnet so please feel free to get involved.
We have Television, Radio and Newspapers involved. We also have Magazines such as Countryfile and others involved. I am being supported by Waitrose and the TFD Gym among others.

Please do keep a special eye on this over the coming months as I start to get the ball rolling and kick into full “doing some work for charadee folks!” as Smashy and Nicey would say…

Top fundraising fun!

So who shall I be fundraising for?

Well my chosen charity is HENRY

Health, Exercise and Nutrition in the Really Young.

Plus you can donate by clicking this link

20 thoughts on “Charity Walk

  1. Osyth says:

    Two Brains and I have often talked about walking the Ridgeway (in fact we have done many bits of it in the past but would like to sew it together in one go). I will certainly support your effort (and Archies) … let me know how you are strategising this.

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  2. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    Thank you Fiona. It is early days yet as we are looking at 2016 before it happens but I imagine the strategy will be simple. I shall arrange to meet a support each day to drop off my rubbish and pick up new supplies and try to walk it over the course of the week Monday to Friday and simply camp en route. Nice and easy old school. Raise money whilst we enjoy ourselves!


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  4. milliethom says:

    You’ve chosen two of my favourite walks in England, Cameron. I’ve done several parts of each, but not the whole route of either. I know you’ve already done the Ridgeway walk now, and your Hadrian’s Wall visit isn’t far away. You’ll love it! Best wishes to you, anyway.

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      • milliethom says:

        Ah, it seems I’m missing some information. I know in your video you said you were going out again to the Ridgeway, but I just assumed that was simply because you liked to walk up there. Lol. You’ve got a lot to do between now and June! I’ll be interested to hear how you’ll be splitting up your sections of the Wall, and where your accommodation will be each night.

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      • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

        I have a team that is looking at the logistics of it all and I shall be spending each night camping when on the Ridgeway (June 12th to June 17th) and also the same when walking on the Wall from Bowness to Wallsend (June 19th to June 24th)
        I am often up at the Ridgeway as I only live 3 miles from it! It is one of the most beautiful places going so I like to make the best of it whenever I can 🙂


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