And So The Story Ends

Good Morning World and thanks for tuning in to the penultimate post day here on Planet Magnet. After this post there will be only one more and that won’t be for a couple of weeks as I tell the story of my walk along Britain’s oldest Road.

That means this is post number 499!


Quite an incredible feat but one that I suppose I am quite proud to have achieved.

I have always said that I would share my life with you guys for the next 499 posts, after which I would walk the Ridgeway for the Charity HENRY and make my 500th and final post about that very walk.

It is hard to consider the person I was when I started out on the journey. Some people don’t even recognise me as I have changed so much physically, others don’t recognise me because I have changed so much mentally.

Regardless of which is more significant I think we must all agree that since my surgery and subsequent life change, this person…

Back Camera

With My Mum!

Is no longer anything like this person….


If we consider way back when I started this little blog after advice to do so, I was incredibly unfit, unhappy, lonely, I was letting life pass me by and I was disengaged.

No more though.

What a difference 18mths and the help and support of medical professionals and all of you guys here on Word Press who come to read my words every day. Some of you read quietly and fly under the radar and some of you read and comment and encourage. Regardless of which camp you fall into, I appreciate you all so very very much and I thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart.

You guys have made the incredible challenge of 499 posts a possibility and I am so happy that I have completed what I set out to do I think all I need do now is wish myself Bon Voyage, Bon Chance and Bon Temps for the next week of walking. You will be able to follow my updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…..

So until I write and publish the story of my walk, I shall leave you with these words from T.S Elliots Little Gidding (pointed TO me by Osyth from Half Baked in Paradise but here mixed up by ME) and hopefully they will sum up all I have been trying to say…

“To make an end is to make a beginning so always remember last years thoughts belong to last years language whereas next years words await another voice”

So ’till the last time,

Stay out of the fridge.

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There’s Life In The Old Dog Yet

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. Firstly I must start with a show of thanks for all of my kind birthday wishes yesterday, you are all very sweet to have acknowledged the Magnets birthday and for that I thank you.

Yesterday turned out to be a very enjoyable day even if it was a trifle busy. I started off with a good walk with Archie the Dog and although we didn’t make it to the Ridgeway we certainly put in some quick mileage which I enjoyed very much indeed even if I was two minutes 30 seconds off of my pace. I managed to walk just over 7 miles in just over two hours. I think I may have been quicker had Archie been more in the mood for moving at my pace but to be fair he did very well indeed.

So below we have the first screenshot of this year to show you what I managed to achieve. I know I have a long way to go still because today I am very tired and although I plan to go to the gym, it doesn’t feel like it will be as energetic a session as I might have hoped. Still that is what training programs are for I suppose… 😉

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Rain Stopped Play

So yesterday was Sunday and we all know what happens on a Sunday? Yes, that is correct, we take Archie the Dog for his long walk.

We usually head up to the Ridgeway for his long walk and traverse it’s terrain until we are no longer fit to do so but unfortunately due to the weather being absolutely terrible and my walking companion believing that they may well be made from sugar and might possibly melt in the rain, we were slightly delayed so instead we retired to my kitchen and made up food for our picnic tomorrow (although the weather looks grim for that now too… 😦 )

Anyway, after making our way through the contents of the larder and cooking all that was required for our hopeful picnic, the rain started to dissipate and we decided it would be safe to leave the safety of the house.

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The Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor – A Review

As some of you may recall I have been talking about an upgrade to a Suunto GPS watch or an Apple watch over the past month but the more I have thought about it, the more I have realised that the only time I want to monitor my heart rate or my distances is when I am exercising. This would therefore mean that at £500 either of the Apple or the Suunto would be a very expensive luxury that would be very hard to reason with my bank balance.

So I sat down and looked at what I already had. The Jawbone counts my steps so that tells me if I have actually been active without trying (as in walking around the shops, going for a stroll with a friend or just getting on with life from day to day). It also counts my steps when I am on a long yomp and lets me monitor how well I have done.

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The Sunday Stomp

Yesterday was a bit more of a stomp as we walked with someone far fitter than Archie and I so we became the ones basically playing catch up the whole time! Mind you, it was worth it because we got to stop for Tea and Cake or Flapjack in my case….

So as ever, Archie and I headed off in the car to park up and head out on our walk. It was a walk that we had done parts of from time to time but never one we have featured fully on here so I thought that I should address that fact! We met our friend at the start an after exchanging the requisite amount of courtesies to each other, we hit the trail.

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A Steady Sunday Stroll

Seeing it was a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, I decided to take things a little slower although still keep myself cracking the whip on the fitness front. To that end, as yesterday was a Sunday, we decided it must been time for a decent stroll with the dog known as Archie The Thinker. A good stroll where we exercise and enjoy and most of all, take pictures for you guys to drool over how nice it is in my part of the world 😉 So we packed up our things and headed out to a whole new walk and adventure. New scenery for me and a riot of new smells for Archie.

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You Make Me Feel Like Spring Has Sprung….

And every time I see your grin I’m such a happy individual…

Here in the UK, spring is listed as the 20th of March and to be fair we had a few nice days at the beginning of that month. But since then, the weather has been a little ropey to say the least. Yes there have been a couple of warm days but those have been the kind of warm that feels muggy and close rather than nice and dry so I have discounted them somewhat. I know the lambs have been gambolling around the fields, the buttercups are growing in nice large golden clumps and the days have been getting longer, but it wasn’t until today did it feel like there was a new “spring” in the air. The rain clouds threatened and instead of erupting, stayed quiet and allowed the sun to peak it’s head through and the air remained dry.

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