And So The Story Ends

Good Morning World and thanks for tuning in to the penultimate post day here on Planet Magnet. After this post there will be only one more and that won’t be for a couple of weeks as I tell the story of my walk along Britain’s oldest Road.

That means this is post number 499!


Quite an incredible feat but one that I suppose I am quite proud to have achieved.

I have always said that I would share my life with you guys for the next 499 posts, after which I would walk the Ridgeway for the Charity HENRY and make my 500th and final post about that very walk.

It is hard to consider the person I was when I started out on the journey. Some people don’t even recognise me as I have changed so much physically, others don’t recognise me because I have changed so much mentally.

Regardless of which is more significant I think we must all agree that since my surgery and subsequent life change, this person…

Back Camera

With My Mum!

Is no longer anything like this person….


If we consider way back when I started this little blog after advice to do so, I was incredibly unfit, unhappy, lonely, I was letting life pass me by and I was disengaged.

No more though.

What a difference 18mths and the help and support of medical professionals and all of you guys here on Word Press who come to read my words every day. Some of you read quietly and fly under the radar and some of you read and comment and encourage. Regardless of which camp you fall into, I appreciate you all so very very much and I thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart.

You guys have made the incredible challenge of 499 posts a possibility and I am so happy that I have completed what I set out to do I think all I need do now is wish myself Bon Voyage, Bon Chance and Bon Temps for the next week of walking. You will be able to follow my updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…..

So until I write and publish the story of my walk, I shall leave you with these words from T.S Elliots Little Gidding (pointed TO me by Osyth from Half Baked in Paradise but here mixed up by ME) and hopefully they will sum up all I have been trying to say…

“To make an end is to make a beginning so always remember last years thoughts belong to last years language whereas next years words await another voice”

So ’till the last time,

Stay out of the fridge.

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Well We Are Still Waiting…

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

Today sees the British weather back to it’s usual tricks with the sun a long forgotten memory as it has rained continually for the past three days. Still, nothing that we aren’t used to and if it does all of it’s raining this month then at least there will be no more raining next month when I am walking……

Yes that’s right.

You heard me correctly.

Although I am STILL waiting my appointments with both the Blood people and my G.P, I have decided that there will be a walk starting on June the 17th from Ivinghoe Beacon and I would love as many people to come along as can possibly manage it. It would be great if you walked a little way with me but I will understand fully if you simply want to wave me off whilst muttering “good riddance and glad to see the back of him” under your breath… 😉

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The High Numbers

Morning guys and welcome to my blog. A blog that is once again being written with verve, vim and vigour. Well, maybe not the last one 😉

The High Numbers. This was The Who’s name for a short spell in 1964 and although The Who bear no link to this post, I thought you might like to know this little piece of trivia…!

So why call today’s post “The High Numbers”? well, believe it or not this is post number 200 since I started a daily blog as opposed to setting up the site and setting it free on the world of cyberspace.

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Well That’s Ten Hours I’ll Never Get Back Again

Well I have finally finished, thank the gods of eBay it is all over. I have listed all of the clothing items that are now too big and now all I need do is sit back and let the bids roll in.

But they won’t will they.

I will no doubt have countless questions from idiots who will not read the entire advert. People who will ask me what would be answered if they only just read the text I had so lovingly prepared for them along with the photographs that show as much detail as I can possibly muster. The best ones are when you start an auction at set price of say £25 and someone messages you to ask if you would sell whatever it is for £5. How can someone be so stupid that they think you would be willing to come down by that amount and the auction has only just begun, but that is how these people work.

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Vital Statistics

Well here we are with weigh in Monday although we are two days late so apologies for that!

Today I weighed in at 132.7 Kg which is a loss of approximately 12 kilograms since I went under the knife. Now for anyone wanting that in old money, it translates to 1.8 Stones which is about 7 lb’s per week loss given that it has been three weeks and 4 days since my big day.

What is more impressive is that I can now get into clothes that were once a long forgotten memory. I saved a few  (about 20 🙂 ) T Shirts over the years as I had always thought I would one day “slim into them” as the old saying goes, but it was never to be as I “slimmed out” of things rather than into them…! So yesterday I went through the wardrobe and was amazed at the amount of things that actually fitted! Even the things that were too tight fitted better than before in as much as I could now get them over my head and onto my body!

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Fat Bastard Clothing, Yesterday

Mr Fat B@$t@rd – Fashion For The Fuller Figure

Fashion for the fuller figure. That’s what I’ve had to look for since the weight piled on. As my size slowly went from 34″ waist to 42″ waist and my chest went from an L to a XXL, but I didn’t really seem to mind as I could still go to high street shops and buy the designer clothes I wanted. When they started to get a bit harder to come by I changed my shopping habits and bought from the chain stores such as Next and Marks & Spencer. In the early days I would even allow myself to be “sent up” for my size by wearing a shirt that said exactly what the title of the blog reads – MR FAT BASTARD – Fashion For The Fuller Figure. Everyone thought it was hilarious, well everyone around my age group I suppose…..

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