My Road To Success

So maybe after nearly a year of blogging, you might want a little update. Yes I appreciate that you will most probably read each day and will be up together on where my story is but a one stop shop for the journey may be a nice thing to have for ease of the “catch up” when you guys just want to “dip in and out” of my progress but still remain up to date.

So what has happened over the past eight months? Well I think it is fair to say that a monumental change has occurred and my most exciting ever challenge has been started.

I had always intended that my life would change once I had undergone surgery, but I had no idea by quite how much EVERYTHING could change!

Let us understand this. When I started the weight loss program I was 150kgs/350lbs/25stone. I am now 106kgs/234lbs/16stone 11lbs. That is obviously quite a drop, but it is not simply weight related.

All of my gains are seen by other people as me getting smaller, no one stops for a minute to consider what losing all that weight does to you.

Well in my case, it has made me feel amazing!

I have never been able to walk so well for so many years. I literally race up hills wen I am out on my walks. I can happily spend an hour in the gym bashing my pan in only to return after a days rest and do it all again.

Not only are there these bonuses, but there are ones of confidence and improved Mental Health. There are the ones where I can now walk into a shop and buy clothes off of the shelf. It feels so good, let me tell you.

Finally and most importantly, I am thinking about what I eat, how I treat my body and what is good for me and what is bad for me. I have finally taken responsibility for my health and it appears to be working because from where I am standing, I am going from strength to strength along that road to success.

10 thoughts on “My Road To Success

  1. milliethom says:

    You’re right. People don’t give enough thought to the additional bonuses of losing weight. Confidence issues are huge here, as you say, as are the increased pleasure in physical pursuits. I’ve seen this happen with not only teenagers I’ve taught, but adults I’ve known, too. Losing 12 stone made an incredible difference to a lady I know who started out at 23 stone – and she’s only 5’1″. It’s good to hear you’re going from strength to strength. Best wishes to you. Millie.

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