I May Be A Bit Of A Damned Whinger To Be Honest

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in.

Feel my wrath!

Well maybe not, but please listen to my whinge…. ūüėČ

I shall be keeping this short today because I have no internet connection. I was surfing the net yesterday afternoon and clicked onto Billy’s site “Simple Living Over 50” when I found I could not get anything. The server would not respond etc etc.

So I checked all my connections and all appeared fine. I called the company who provide my connection and they informed that yes all was well with the internet to my home, there must be a fault somewhere on my network or possibly their modem (although they doubted that…..)

We checked for what seemed like and absolute age and failed to determine the problem so now it has been escalated to the next tier of engineers and is being dealt with this morning. That is this morning whilst I am on my writing course and not at home to get the benefit of it and be able to write my blog and let you guys know what is going on in my life.

Which let’s face it is the entire purpose of a blog.

It really does annoy me when these companies who provide these modern technical services tell us we simply cannot live without their fastest broadband service being pumped into our homes. No we cannot live without until they have an issue they cannot solve with a first tier engineer. Trust me, apparently at this point is is perfectly okay to not have the internet in ones home and it is not unreasonable to be asked to wait for the second tier engineers to to to resolve over the next couple of days!

All this from a company that I have just upgraded to an expensive fibre connection. An upgrade due in just three days time. It beggars belief that in this day and age they can’t say “look, your router is poked, you will have a new one by the morning” Not an unreasonable request, well I don’t think so, do you?

So for now I am linked to my hotspot on my iPhone and burning through my data like it is going out of fashion. I will tell you another thing as well, when writing this post I nearly¬†even used an old illustration for my header, now how lame would that have been!? No, I decided that a new post always deserves a new header so I spent a few more of my Data pennies and found something suitable, although I doubt very much that they will refund this used data for because they didn’t seem overly bothered when I told them that my life is online and that if I do not have the internet then I cannot work.

I am at a bit of a loss really. I was wondering about what I might blog about today but appear to have had the decision made for me. However, I did have an enjoyable day yesterday that I was going to enlarge upon and a good thing that came out of the day was that I went to the gym and had a meeting with the owner and my NLP Therapist (the same person) and we had a nice chat about where I was at present and how I might get myself back on track and have decided that Monday will be the day for a return to action.
I have also subsequently decided that I shall start some TRX training as it is available at the gym,¬†looks totally different and it might well be great to do totally different things than I have ben doing over the past few months….¬†Maybe one of the issues with my gym life and routine was that it was becoming a bit stale and I needed to change things around a little, so I have decided to write a new program and see how I settle in with it.

I think I shall maybe use the rower for a little bit, maybe I shall try some free weights instead of the machine weights and maybe I shall add some mat work to improve my core. Add this to the TRX training and yes, I think you could say that is a whole new routine!

So,as for comments today, please do leave them and I will attempt to reply via my iPhone whilst at college, failing that I will do so once the dopey lot at Sky broadband deign me important enough to indulge my fantasy of receiving this uninterrupted, high speed broadband they talk of….

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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