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Shortly after starting my blog I was invited to write for the Huffington Post and below is a copy of all posts I have had published on their site

Huffington Post 5th June 2015


A bit of a statement to be sure but I for one am beginning to wonder this very thing. I am sick and tired of picking up the newspapers only to see a negative spin on a morbidly obese individual. Are the Obese the Media’s New Whipping Boys?



Huffington Post 30th March 2015


We all dream, we all hope. For some that is all that they do, for others it is not really required because they believe they already have everything that they might want. Yet in reality, do we really all have what we want? Hopes and Dreams are life’s Sunbeams 



Huffington Post 23rd March 2015

I Am Getting Really Angry

I Am Getting Really Angry

Well let me tell you…Since becoming involved with the world of Bariatric Surgery, I am consistently made more and more aware of the failings it suffers and the fact that a good deal of it is only driven by the passion of the wonderful people who put themselves out Read more in What’s Eating The Morbidly Obese?



Huffington Post 11th March 2015

Just Stand Still Whilst I measure Your Circumference

Just Stand Still Whilst I measure Your Circumference


Being one of life’s overweight people who are unfortunate enough to be regarded as Morbidly Obese, I am regularly belittled and derided for my size. Even when a trip to a medical establishment looks likely to be on the cards – somewhere a person should be safe from… Read More in Clinical Trials For The Morbidly Obese


Huffington Post 2nd March 2015

Slow Down Master Frodo

Slow Down Master Frodo


Out here in the middle, also known as the ‘Shires, it is believed that life is a little more easy-going than the cut and thrust of the concrete jungle. Not only are the views from our windows very different… Read more in Life In The Shires


Huffington Post 24th Feb 2015

School, Yesterday.

Trumpton Secondary Modern

Well it will be for me anyway.I am currently being cajoled into attending my first school re-union. To my knowledge it is the first one ever attempted by the class of 1984. Why this is… Read more in The School Reunion – To Go or Not to Go That Is The Question




Huffington Post 16th Feb 2015

The Camera Always Knew He'd Be A Star

The Camera Always Knew He’d Be Famous

Stood in line and someone says “I saw you on TV last night” I smile and reply “Really? I thought Crimewatch was on a Thursday Night” I move on and tongue in cheek am asked to sign something, I reply “Okay, but no cheques”… Read more in What Price My Fortune? Must There Be Fame



Huffington Post 9th Feb 2015

When I'm A Grown Up I Wanna...

When I’m A Grown Up I Wanna…

So the time will eventually be here when I am able to take part in any activity that I want to.Being fat has excluded me from so many things that I have wanted to do over the years. Some because of my physical size and weight and… Read more in The Prozac Bucket O’Lard List



Huffington Post 2nd Feb 2015

The Invisible Man Was just Having A Snack

The Invisible Man Was just Having A Snack

I’m not sure if you watched the Horizon program, but if you did, I wonder if you had as many light bulb moments as I did.
It was crazy; they were going off like a ball bearing setting off the lights on a pinball machine… Read more in What’s the Right Diet for You



Huffington Post 29th Jan 2015

Move Away From The Fridge

Move Away From The Fridge

You know the kind of person that goes to the refrigerator every ten minutes or so? Just to see if this time they will actually find that hidden gem, that tasty morsel they have been craving? Oh, and if miraculously it is there, they never wonder… Read more on The World’s Biggest Fridge Magnet

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