Hopes And Dreams Are Life’s Sunbeams

We all dream, we all hope. For some that is all that they do, for others it is not really required because they believe they already have everything that they might want. Yet in reality, do we really all have what we want? Let’s be honest, some of us want to be taller, some of us want to be thinner, some more handsome and so on.

For those with money, many of these things are available for sure but does that availability breed a certain amount of dissatisfaction? If someone of lesser means is desperate for a change in their body, then they generally have to lump it or do it the hard way with sweat and tears. If they if they want something tangible they will either get as close to it as they can or simply admire it from afar.

Now I’m not casting aspersions on either rich or poor or indifferent, all I am saying is hopes and dreams are good for you. They can help to keep you focused in times of need and they can help you feel a pure sense of achievement once you have got to the goal you may have set yourself and the feeling as the saying goes is like being bathed in the light of a sunbeam.

Whether it be a diet or a health kick, improving your personal best at running or walking or simply identifying how you would like your life to be in a years time these hopes and dreams are the stuff that life is made of otherwise we just stagnate.

Noone really in their heart of hearts wants to stay the same, to remain in the same situation as they currently are regardless of how happy they might currently consider their life to be. Everyone must grow year on year lest they become stuck and never improve their lives; and unfortunately when that happens malaise will set in, depression will take hold and the enormity of certain parts of life will be far too much for the individual to bear.

I had been in this mindset for many years. I went out, I enjoyed myself from time to time but I started to learn that if I did what I always did, I would get what I always got.

Nothing would change for me.

I recall a visit to the local GP telling her that I was fed up with life in general and I had achieved pretty much everything I had wanted or was every likely to want. My body was broken, my spirit was flat and my heart was empty and I wondered what it was all about. I told that the doctor that although I didn’t want to die, I felt as though I might be happy to if it mattered. If I were to die in some romantic situation where I saved a young child by giving myself up to be taken by what they were struggling from. I can hear myself say it to the GP, almost as if I was tired of living, but the most amazing thing happened. She didn’t prescribe me medicine, she didn’t patronize me or tell me to pull myself together (although in hindsight it is exactly what I did) no, she simply sat with me and quietly talked about why I was feeling so wretched inside. It was my head controlling my heart and all I needed were some hopes and dreams to bring my life back into sunbeams.

It has recently been proven that there is a relatively high correlation between what the head thinks, the heart feels.

It was like a light bulb going off in my head.

I had honestly never considered it and when I did, it made perfect sense. Why wouldn’t the head be in charge of everything? The head told the body what to do so why not tell it what to feel.

So feeling much better I decided to do some investigation and was quite amazed by what I found. There are plenty of papers written to consider the facts and test the correlations but nothing struck me as much as a certain mantra I found and by which I now live my life:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything, what we think we become.”

Ever since that day I have attempted to think positively and it has worked. I now find myself as a postoperative gastric surgery patient, I find myself as a daily blogger on my own site, I find myself writing for this publication and I also find myself writing commercially as I look toward the future.

It really does go to prove that hopes and dreams really are life’s sunbeams.

The actual Huffington Post blog can be found here

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