We Must Make Our Own Happiness

Good morning world and thank you for tuning in. It’s me, the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet and I’ve come to drop some wisdom on you.

Well, perhaps not, but I think the point I shall make today is a very valid one.

The whole idea for this post came from something a friend of mine posted on Facebook yesterday and it struck such a chord with me I felt I had to share with you guys because it is one of the most misunderstood things we have all suffered from in our lives.

Exactly as the little cartoon shows, in order to be truly happy, we must make that happiness ourselves.

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Well That Was An Adventure!

Good morning everybody and welcome to the weekend!

Isn’t it great that it is finally here, time to relax and reflect over on your past weeks endeavours, time to kick back, time to indulge in your favourite past time, time to visit friends, go shopping or simply sit on your bum and do nothing!

I for one will be doing some of all of the above plus undertaking a couple of walks with the dog as I had to neglect him for the past two days due to my being in my lessons…. 🙂
I have even started this weekend with a lay in, the first I have had for quite a few months and because of that todays little post is a little late on parade although I hope still just as enjoyable!

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Happiness, Happiness!

The greatest gift that I possess…..*

As sung by the comedian Ken Dodd, it is a daft little ditty but one that puts a smile on your face whether you like it or not 😉

It is an emotive song and is infectious just like the emotion of happiness is itself. Try to be miserable when you are around an infectiously happy person, I guarantee you will not feel like that for long. Yes, I admit there are some people who could suck the fun from any lemon and still consider it too sweet but on the whole we are a breed of people who are here to like and be liked, to make others happy and to be happy ourselves.

I can obviously only speak from my own experiences but I can categorically state that I am a much happier person today than I was two years ago.

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Calm Down Dear! It’s Only A Commercial….

These were the famous words of Michael Winner when appearing on a daft UK Car Insurance commercial. Mind you, daft the advert may have been, the words have stuck with me for a goodly while for sure and for todays blog I firmly believe they can be described as apt.

As you guys know I have started to attend a course that includes modules on Confidence, Stress Management and other issues that are sent to try us in our daily lives.

Yes, I know that on the first day of the course I actually got off to an inauspicious start by having a full on anxiety attack, but after a calming chat on the telephone with the course tutor, I was able to gather my thoughts and turn up for the afternoons lesson which turned out to be a good deal less of an issue than I had built up in my mind, so much so the next week I was able to attend the entire day of the course and learnt a good deal able why I have allowed myself to get stressed over the past several years.

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