The Governmental Obesity Treatments Paper (Pt 1)

Sorry for the EXTREMELY boring sounding title but I promise it is the only boring part of this post, because if what is written below doesn’t open your eyes up to how ignorant some people (specifically politicians) are of the facts surrounding obesity, then I don’t believe anything will!

Last week I was fortunate enough to come into passion of the Governments latest Obesity Treatments Paper. This is a paper by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology has been written as a study into the benefits of Obesity Treatment. When I say written as a study, they have basically just collated facts similar to the ones I have been writing about since I started this blog in January and written them in a manner in which a Member of Parliament could understand.

Now when I say “written so a Member of Parliament could understand” I really should say “written so that a small child could understand”

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I Think The Word I Am Looking For Is Doh!

You wouldn’t believe it. I am such a dolt. You really should call me Homer and I don’t mean the one who wrote The Iliad or The Odyssey. I mean the one who is yellow, has three fingers and a bald head with a walnut sized brain between the ears…! I have been feeling terrible like I said over the past wee while and well, you are never going to believe this but this time it is all because of the tablets I am taking to make me well again. Ridiculous! I was prescribed an anti-biotic drug by the name of Trimethoprim. One developed to actually work against bladder infections by reducing the actions of certain proteins and enzymes in the body. Well it appears to be staving off the infection but at a cost. When I googled the said drug, I was presented with a list of side effects and nearly all of them matched my symptoms. Unreal. It stated that the user may experience the following:

  • Loss of appetite,
  • Nausea,
  • Vomiting,
  • Diarrhoea,
  • Abdominal pain,
  • Abnormal taste,
  • A swelling of the tongue.

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An Apology

Hi everyone, I am sorry to say I am still feeling absolutely banjaxed by this bug or virus or whatever it is that is wrong with me.

I must apologise for not being able to offer a new post for today so by way of apology might I suggest you look at my Huffington Post blogs and see if you find one you may not have already read.

Just an idea and I hope to be back very soon.


A Short Lived Recovery

Well that was a horrible night.

Broken sleep, hallucinations in my dreams, freezing cold once more. Very bizarre.

I thought I was over it, but apparently not.

Therefore due to my eyes feeling like they are being pinned in place and hurt every time I look at anything with illumination behind it – i.e this screen, I shall only be able to make a token gesture of a post today.

I honestly thought I had seen the bad thing off but quite apparently not.

Feeling crapola really affects my imaginative flow and reduces my ability to virtually zero. Mind you, I might actually question “What ability” at times especially the way I have been feeling.

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Hello everybody, this is the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet welcoming you back to the daily blog we all love, well I am hoping you still love it, I’ve only been poorly for one day and already I’m worried about you changing channels to get you fix of inane nonsense from somewhere else. Oh Boy! This isn’t good for my self-esteem, worrying if you guys are still out there…

Come on now! Pull yourself together man, everything will be fine. Of course you are still there, hanging on my every word, waiting patiently by your email inbox for the newest post to fall into your laps.

I go from the sublime to the ridiculous! I have no middle ground at all…!

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Sleep, Yesterday.

You Are Feeling Very Sleepy.

A much known side effect of being a fellow with a fuller figure is the ability to snore and snore very loudly. You know the kind of snoring, they show it in cartoons when the perpetrator snores so loud that the roof raises and lowers with each breath.

Thats me and my roof is a mess!

It gets loud.

Still, no harm no foul. I live alone and the only living thing that gets to hear the snoring is my dog Archie when he comes for a sleepover and he doesn’t seem to mind, or at least he never comes in to my room and nudges me to roll over. It’s never been a problem for me, I have never wondered why I would so often wake myself with a snort or why I was tired in the day, even if I had thought I had enough sleep the previous night. This went on for some time until a trip to the The Oxfordshire Weight Loss Service ended up with me being referred to a clinical trial for OSA Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Odd really, I had gone to the meeting to discuss whether a support group might be helpful in dealing with my weight issues and I had been identified as a possible OSA sufferer. Still, gift horses and all that.

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