And So The Story Ends

Good Morning World and thanks for tuning in to the penultimate post day here on Planet Magnet. After this post there will be only one more and that won’t be for a couple of weeks as I tell the story of my walk along Britain’s oldest Road.

That means this is post number 499!


Quite an incredible feat but one that I suppose I am quite proud to have achieved.

I have always said that I would share my life with you guys for the next 499 posts, after which I would walk the Ridgeway for the Charity HENRY and make my 500th and final post about that very walk.

It is hard to consider the person I was when I started out on the journey. Some people don’t even recognise me as I have changed so much physically, others don’t recognise me because I have changed so much mentally.

Regardless of which is more significant I think we must all agree that since my surgery and subsequent life change, this person…

Back Camera

With My Mum!

Is no longer anything like this person….


If we consider way back when I started this little blog after advice to do so, I was incredibly unfit, unhappy, lonely, I was letting life pass me by and I was disengaged.

No more though.

What a difference 18mths and the help and support of medical professionals and all of you guys here on Word Press who come to read my words every day. Some of you read quietly and fly under the radar and some of you read and comment and encourage. Regardless of which camp you fall into, I appreciate you all so very very much and I thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart.

You guys have made the incredible challenge of 499 posts a possibility and I am so happy that I have completed what I set out to do I think all I need do now is wish myself Bon Voyage, Bon Chance and Bon Temps for the next week of walking. You will be able to follow my updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…..

So until I write and publish the story of my walk, I shall leave you with these words from T.S Elliots Little Gidding (pointed TO me by Osyth from Half Baked in Paradise but here mixed up by ME) and hopefully they will sum up all I have been trying to say…

“To make an end is to make a beginning so always remember last years thoughts belong to last years language whereas next years words await another voice”

So ’till the last time,

Stay out of the fridge.

P.S. Don’t forget to follow this link and donate to my just giving page.

A Friday Evening Stomp

Well Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

Today the sun is shining and all is well with the world as we prepare to enjoy the fine weather that the weekend threatens to offer.

Yesterday was such a lovely day that for the first time this year I felt too warm with a sweater on and was relieved to remove it.

Now I know that sounds silly but when you lose all of this weight it really does play havoc with your body’s central heating system.

Anyway, because it was so warm we decided to take the dog out for what was going to be a stroll. It did in fact turn out to be a bit of a stomp with the average speed being upped to a level that Archie found it hard to keep up and when we dropped him off at my Mothers, we could tell he was tired as he was happy to stay there for the night and not try to leave with us as we headed home (what you have to understand is that Archie would leave the house with a stranger if he thought he was getting to go outside – and that is the same even if he has just come back in!)

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Nothing Is Set In Stone But I Do Need Help.

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. The Planet where smiles abound and the inhabitants are relaxed and enjoying the status quo of life, even when it throws an unexpected curve ball or two into the mix of the daily grind.

But today my curve ball is quite an crap one really even though I have been worrying about this one coming at me for a few weeks now.

I am concerned about my charity walk and the fact that I have not really gotten as far into it as I may possibly have expected.

The take up has not been quite as high as expected at a grass roots level and even though there are higher profile companies involved, I still find this a trifle disappointing.

Also, my training has not been going as well as expected due to a constant feeling of having no energy since my last B12 shot. It is as though all of my get up and go has got up and gone.

I now need to ask myself what do I do about it all.

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19 Weeks To Save My Life….

I know I know, a little bit dramatic, a little bit “A year to save my life” but also a little bit true….

And NO, I don’t need anyone to help to save my life so stand down all…!

Good morning friends and thanks for tuning in to another day here on the wonderful world that is Planet Magnet. Where full stops and comma’s appear at random and capital letters have a life of their own, springing up as they see fit.

But then I don’t think you guys would have it any other way would you….?

So what’s this title all about?

Well today I was supposed go to the gym to discuss my training schedule for the next four months and I was excited to say the least, unfortunately I have just received a text to say that the trainer in question has been sent home for looking a bit ill…!
Probably just as well we don’t trouble him with tasks such as training me, I need his head to be completely clear and focussed. This means the appointment will postponed until next week and I will no doubt report on it then.

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Charity, Charity, Charity, Charity, Charity

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. I trust today finds you snug and warm in thick socks and a warm coat. If not, then I hope  it finds you on the other side of the world, warming your bones 🙂


Yes, that word is back and will continue to feature until I get the message out to you ALL that I will be asking you ALL to donate to the HENRY Charity and support me in my HENRY walk along the Ridgeway and Hadrian’s Wall.

I will, as many of you know, be walking The Ridgeway between Friday June 10th and Tuesday the 14th, resting on the 15th, travelling north on the 16th and commencing the Hadrian’s Wall leg of the walk on Friday the 17th, again completing it by the following Tuesday (the 21st). This will see me cover a total of 170 miles.

Now I am sure you will agree that this is a massive undertaking and one which I will most definitely need the support of all of my friends, relatives and blog followers to turn the walk into the massive success that it needs to become in order to raise the grand total of £10,000 for the charity.

For myself, I shall be training for the next five months by building up my walking stamina and working on my core strength so that I have plenty of stability to take me where I need to go as I travel o’er hill and vale, because you see we have those things in this neck of the woods…. 😉

So what do I need from everyone else? Well, I would obviously LOVE it if people chose to walk with me; and I would LOVE it if people could help out with the logistics of camping, food prep, waste removal, water provision, Archie sitting…. the list goes on and on. There is so much to work out for this walk because it is simply getting bigger and bigger.
Those of us already involved are getting excited so heaven knows what things will be like closer to the time. Hopefully there will be Television crews, there will be Local and National Journalism, there will be Local and National Radio and this will be on both walks, so that is down here and up there so imagine the logistics of getting it all sorted! Quite a headache for sure.
But it won’t be a headache if we can all pull together and I can start getting names on lists of those who are willing to help. I know there will be many of you who will want to join in the walking at the local part so that is a given, but it is going to be the start at Ivinghoe Beacon and the finish at Avebury where I shall also need you all. I will need the smiles and welcoming arms of friends to see me home at the end of the first leg. I shall also be needing help with the northern walk, again with logistics, again with company and again with the seeing me off at Bowness and welcoming me home at Wallsend. I would love for as many people to join me as we can possibly muster, because let’s face it, an opportunity to walk Hadrian’s Wall doesn’t come along too often so I figure this could be a chance of a lifetime, a chance to be involved in something great and something that could one day be looked upon as historic.

So yes, I am sure everyone is sick to death of Charity. Charity this, sponsor me that, aren’t I wonderful etc etc. Yes I also know that everyone is probably sick to death of Just Giving but really and truly (and this is the good but bad bit) everyone is sick to death of unhealthy children who no longer play in the streets, climb trees on the greens or run freely in the parks. Everyone of our generation dislikes the fact that these children are growing up obese because activity is restricted to Playstation and X Box whereas in our day it was Cocky-Alley-In and Football, Rounders, Athletics and IMAGINATION that kept us all fit, active and healthy.
So lets not be sick of the fact I am asking you for a little of your time, be grateful that you are able to offer it and help out safe in the knowledge that what you do WILL make a difference to a child’s life and WILL mean that they grow up healthy strong and fit.

Come on everyone, lets do something great, let’s walk for HENRY so that the next generation might simply be able to walk.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

What A Busy Little Bee….

Well hello world and welcome to the start of another busy week here on Planet Magnet.

That’s not to say that yesterday wasn’t a busy old day for me as well but I have plenty to do this week and am looking forward to being a busy bee once again.
We must all agree that no matter how lovely it is to be able to sit and relax, take it easy and please ourselves, it is also really nice to have a target for the day whether it be to write so many words or nap for so many hours or get all of the little outstanding jobs started, you know the ones you have been putting off for months….

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A Short But Historical Stroll In The Country

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in on another Monday as we start our new week and begin to look ahead to all the great things it can bring us. But before we do that, I thought I would share with you a little stroll I took with Archie the Dog yesterday, to visit something call a Tithe Barn in Great Coxwell in Oxfordshire.

As ever, Archie and I did our homework first of all and found a nice Autumn walk that would take in the beauty and spender of this 13th Century barn, a barn which was actually at one point known to belong to the Cistercian Monks of Beaulieu Abbey.

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The Wednesday Walk

Yes I know it’s a Thursday and that I did this walk on Tuesday but Wednesday Walk has more of a ring to it, just like the Sunday Stroll….

Anyway, enough of my excuses, here we go lets just get into the walk around Snelsmore Common and Donnington Valley. Basically these are in the same place, its just that the common is fenced off and separate from the valley. The walk itself is one that is recommended by The AA (Automobile Association) and is one that I can thoroughly recommend with some good descents and climbs throughout the woods and glades.

To be honest I have never had part of a walk described as a sunny glade but on this occasion, as I followed the description laid out by The AA, those were the exact chosen words. I suppose it was just as well it was sunny otherwise I would have missed them…. 😉

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A Sunday Stroll With Autumnal Tones

Good morning world and welcome to a new week here on planet earth.

Sorry for being a bit late on parade with this post but I had my office decorated over the weekend and therefore had no where to type until later last night, by which time I was absolutely shattered!

Still, we are here now so lets enjoy the Sunday Stroll together shall we?

Yes I know for some of you your working week may have begun a good while ago and for others, as this posts, you are still enjoying your Sunday evening…. but then that is the beauty of having a blog that stretches around the globe… 🙂

So anyway, yesterday/this morning (delete as necessary) I decided to take a good walk now that I appear to have my energy levels back on the rise, so the dog and I did a circuit we have done a couple of times before but unusually we did it in reverse (which meant walking UP a killer hill) and we did the entire trip from and back to our front door rather than driving somewhere to leave the car and head off from there.

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