There’s Always Something New….

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to my correct post time. Hopefully this post will see me back on track and starting to get things back to normal where you rise in the morning and find my latest tome awaiting you for consumption along with your coffee… or tea for that matter 😉

This morning I would like to talk about the fact that I tried two new things for the first time EVER in my life, and thus prove that you are never too old to learn or never too old to have a new culinary experience.

For the past two evenings a dear friend of mine has come to my house and cooked because over the past couple of weeks I have been helping her to keep a modicum of sanity with a house renovation whilst feeding her of an evening because she has no kitchen of her own in which to create her much loved healthy food. To say that she has become somewhat of a disavowed Impossible Mission agent would probably be close to the truth as she works each day to get her life back and everything in order so that she might finally settle in her new home and start her new life. Until such times she has had to rely on staying in the safe house (also known as my apartment) where she has been coming and going under cover of night, looking over her shoulder and getting regular status updates on her electronic devices. All very cloak and dagger…..

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Collecting My Gold Stars

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to everyone here on Planet Earth and welcome once again to Planet Magnet.

Once again I am late when I said I would make a concerted effort to be early, once again I have been running around doing everything (mostly for me to be fair) bar thinking of writing todays post and so once again, here I am, caught out at the eleventh hour trying to write something of value and worth without the fear or angst that usually accompanies good prose (not that I am saying I have ever written any… 😉 )

So, to my title.

If there were gold stars handed out for getting things done, I reckon I would have gotten a complete chestful by now (I was thinking my chest and not a wooden storage one) but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were enough for both such are the positive results I have been bringing in.

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Hakuna Matata

What a wonderful phrase.
Hakuna Matata,
Ain’t no passing craze,
It means no worries, for the rest of your days…

No worries.

A Swahili phrase made famous by the Lion King cartoon that took a little artistic licence and adapted the words hakuna (this is not here) and matata (the plural form of problem) and made the words read as “there are no problems here” and thus the phrase “Hakuna Matata” meaning no worries, was born.

So why this particular phrase for todays title? Well to be quite honest it is just the way I am feeling. I am totally relaxed with myself, I am totally at peace with myself and I am feeling so Zen (for want of a better word) that I am a little blown away because I don’t think I have ever before felt like this without the aid of my back pain medication, that I took for fifteen years right up until the day of my Vertical Gastric Sleeve procedure.

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If It’s Not Challenging You, It’s Not Changing You.

Morning world and welcome to another Friday here on Planet Magnet. So the end of the week beckons and as ever some of us are lucky enough to be able to have this as our final day of work and be looking forward to a nice weekend of rest or activity. Anything really, but not work….

A quick post today as there are a million and one things to be getting on with, including a start in my running training!


I know!


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The Start Of Something New…..Again!

Good morning world and thanks for tuning to another day here on planet Magnet.

A bit later than usual but don’t worry I shall not make a habit of it. Todays post is relatively short affair today as I am afraid I don’t really have much to talk about this morning. I know you might wonder how that might be true because sometimes it is nearly impossible to stop my lips from flapping. However, today I am in more of a reflective mood and as such am feeling a trifle withdrawn and much more quiet than usual.

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong, I am just simply in a mood where I feel I should look at where I have been and where I am going to.

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And I Think To Myself What A Wonderful (Cyber) World

Almost in the words of the great Louis Armstrong, I would just like to say what a wonderful Word Press world we live in. This community is a warm and caring place with so many like minded souls all trying to find their way on this hectic road that is life.

I must confess to recently losing my way. My dedication to my blog has dropped, my dedication to my training has dropped (well, fallen off of a cliff if I am honest) and my dedication to eating healthily has definitely waned along with them.

Yes, I am still walking but not the huge distances I once was. Yes I am still blogging but to my mind not at the same level I started out at and yes I still eat well, but some rubbish has crept in alongside the heathy and I am feeling as though I am letting myself down somewhat.

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HENRY A Charity To Change Children’s Futures

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in on another great Friday as it takes us rushing headlong/ meandering slowly (delete accordingly depending on how your day is going 😉 ) into the weekend.
As you may now know, I am now busy on a Friday as I am trying to learn how to write right 😉 although I am suffering a crisis of self belief as I wonder if there is any point in the stories I spin, especially after the struggle I had with my homework and the fact I am beginning to question my ability to actually write creatively. However, I suppose that is a conversation for another time because one thing I do know that I have gotten right is the simple decision to join the ranks of the charity HENRY – Health, Exercise and Nutrition in the Really Young.

I can now honestly say what a great institution it is and how wonderful it is to be involved with so many people who want to help solve the problem of obesity in this country and do it not for recognition but simply for the betterment of our society.

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