What A Busy Little Bee….

Well hello world and welcome to the start of another busy week here on Planet Magnet.

That’s not to say that yesterday wasn’t a busy old day for me as well but I have plenty to do this week and am looking forward to being a busy bee once again.
We must all agree that no matter how lovely it is to be able to sit and relax, take it easy and please ourselves, it is also really nice to have a target for the day whether it be to write so many words or nap for so many hours or get all of the little outstanding jobs started, you know the ones you have been putting off for months….

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Born To Be Mild…

Get your motor running, head out on the highway.
Looking for adventure and whatever comes our way…..

Yeah, perhaps not.

Have you seen the weather forecast?

Yeah me too and what is outside doesn’t resemble the warnings we were given over the past couple of days!

They said it was going to be bloomin’ terrible so I had already decided to say to the world “If you think I’m getting on my new steed and going out in that, then you have another think coming and thats for sure and certain….” 😉

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This IS The Day..

This is the day your life will surely change
This is the day when things fall into place.*

I know some of you will know this phrase to have religious connotations but not being a religious person myself, I cannot make any claim on that so I settle for the perfectly wonderful lyric of Matt Johnson of The The fame.

This song know simply as “This is the day” was released many moons ago in 1984 and has once again recently entered my purview as something that is very apt.

This is the day that my life will surely change can be attributed to any day. In fact it can be attributed to EVERY day that we meet because we never know exactly what is going to happen, we never know exactly what we will face and if we are realistic, every single day, our lives change somehow, no matter how small or large that change may be.

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Bicycle Races Are Coming Your Way…..

So forget all your duties oh yeah!
Fat bottomed girls they’ll be riding today,
So look out for those beauties oh yeah*

Well I have been threatening to do it for a while now and yesterday I took the plunge.

What is it they say? Act in haste, repent at leisure…

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

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I Woke With Such A Pain…

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in. Once again I am posting a little later than normal because once again I am writing this on the morning of the day it should have already been posted!

I am sorry to tell you that yesterday was a bit of a bust when it came to getting things done. As you know I was suffering from a pain from my neck down to my shoulder blades that would simply not leave. I took the dog for a nice walk up around the woods as I had promised him to do so but when it came to Gym time, I was in so much pain, all I wanted to do was return home and take some pain killers, then some more pain killers and finally a few more when the first two batches did not work.

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I Know Nothing Stays The Same…

But if you’re willing to play the game,
It’s coming around again.*

And so it always does.


Back again for all to see, back again for all to attach hope and back again for everyone to start again, a chance to put the past failures behind us and a chance to try again.

Monday is the clean slate we all wish for when we mess up, when things don’t go according to plan and when we feel like we have let ourselves down.

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Being Put Through My Paces

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in.

Yesterday as you know was Tasty Tuesday and another opportunity for me to share a new recipe with you. Because of this, I am writing todays blog but referencing Mondays activity in the gym.

I will try not to make it too confusing.

So to Monday’s activity… After an early walk with my friend and the dogs whilst maintaining a decent pace, it was soon time to attend the gym for my first instructed routine on the TRX equipment, the Kettle Bells and the Mat Work (for my abominable abdominals)

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‘Cause I’ve Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith….

Before this river, there comes an ocean*

Good morning world and welcome to another day here on Planet Magnet. Today as you are probably aware is Sunday. The day of rest. The day when we visit family, eat roast dinners, take long walks, tinker with our cars, wash our cars, attempt that often promised bit of D.I.Y or do what many others do – relax.

However, today I don’t have time for relaxing. I have a busy schedule and need to get on with it if I am to fit it all in.

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Red Light Spells Danger

Can’t hold out, much longer.
Red Light, means warning,
Can’t hold out, I’m burning.*

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in. An odd way to start the blog for sure, quoting a Billy Ocean song warning of red lights and danger but it was neither of those bits that piqued my interest in the lyric. No, it was the part about burning.

I know exactly how he feels because yesterday in my new gym routine, nay, practise for my gym routine my legs, Gluteus Maximus (bottom) and hamstrings were all burning and begging for mercy so much, you would have thought that I had never been in a gym before in my life let alone simply taken a few weeks off from the daily grind of training. During this time did I not achieve some pretty impressive mileage in my walking? Did I not manage to cover some great distances and report on the to you guys in my Sunday stroll sections? Well I think the answer is a definite yes on that account, however, my legs and bottom would beg to differ because the furore that they made in yesterdays gym session would have you thinking they had been laid on a bed for the past several weeks, immobile and unused.

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A Move Toward A Return To Form

So as most of you will know by now, I returned to the gym on Monday and worked out a new gym routine which incorporated me learning some new exercises.

Yes it turns out that even old hands like me can learn new things 😉

The last time I was at the gym was only about seven weeks ago yet it really does feel like a lifetime. Way back then I was under the influence of my own standardised gym routine. Working out like any other average Joe I covered the usual intensity of work out, starting with Cardio Vascular exercises where I could get the heart working and the blood pumping. This is obviously an important part of any routine and serves as both warm up and a general fitness improving tool.

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