Since Reading The Below Excerpt, I’ve Been Thinking

Hey folks.

Been a while eh?

My bad and I apologise.

Ive been meaning to write something new and relevant for so long.

But I haven’t.

If I am honest (which lets face it, a statement such as that stretches the truth even by my standards) I now acknowledge maybe my lack of creative prose could be put down to too much work and too little me time and when that me time comes along I simply want to do other things such as sit on my backside contemplating my navel however, maybe in reality – and this is both difficult and easy to admit – I may to have lost any impetus I once owned – resulting in the challenge of writing anything creative, of ANY magnitude, let alone my trusty “say what you see” blog occasionally only published to keep you guys informed on how my life may have moved forward, possibly stalled or most definitely gone backwards from where I once was. Though I must say there is nothing to fear my friends, I may have put on a little weight but not enough to concern.

If I am honest I still wouldn’t be bothered to write anything except for the fact I found this piece of so called journalism (below) – I use that word really very vaguely let alone loosely, as said word cannot describe the hack that has my dander so much more than up, it is positively racing, racing so fast that the only outlet for it’s pent up rage is a firm and articulate (within my limits)  diatribe on the utterly apparent “them and us” angle the piece takes, showing the proof in the below piece, outing its hateful politic and outrageous bias, as it fails to pedal nothing but the journalists convincing belief in the 1%’s triteness of “I’m Alright Jack” mindset, proving the gap is alive and well and greater than ever in every corner of the world.

Now as you may know I am not usually driven toward any political arena so I must declare at this point I have no idea how it came to my attention (clickbait I should imagine) but regardless of my usual impartiality it certainly did annoy……

BUT, before you make your mind up, please read and digest the article I consider to be utter GUFF which is copied and pasted below.


Time Poverty

“Busy is the new stupid.” – Warren Buffet

Words by Hugh MacLeod:

“…Bored? Throw some money at the problem.

Lonely? Throw some money at the problem.

Lacking inspiration? Throw some money at the problem.

The end result is, well, most of us do alright financially (compared with everywhere else). But we’re all stretched for time.

“Time poverty”, they call it. The main cause of unhappiness in the affluent world. Everybody’s too damn busy.

So how do you take back time? How do you restore order to the universe?” 

Thank you Hugh (and Mr Buffet) for the insight.


Now I work at least 60 hours a week.

By doing this I admit I earn a good wage BUT I would not call myself wealthy. I would not call myself affluent. I would not even call myself a decision maker although I make decisions with other peoples money all day long. But I would call myself very time Poor because although I do my 60 hours in daylight, I also do many more each evening as I work out what materials are required to take a job forward, what “work arounds” could be implemented to resolve the issues each job presents me on a daily basis before I can finally locate the materials and specific parts to meet the clients specification.


The question I beg is

“Time Poverty?” because busy is the new stupid.

If such a thing really does exist, then I must be the dimmest person on plant earth.

The following paragraph considers throwing money at problems.

A solution that from my experience serves nothing but to empty your wallet not solve any long term issues.

It makes me beg the question if Mr Warren Buffet is even aware that the idea of throwing money at any issue is a totally unrealistic dream for 99% of the worlds population. In fact the only way that many people/families get past the issues that their own worlds orbit (and trust me the issues I talk about are vastly different to the ones rich men speak of, I should know, I grew up literally just over the line between having money for food or electricity, clothes or a day out…… it goes on) is to take second and third jobs in order to cover their “time issues”, the same time issues that insure the rent gets paid, the children have a sandwich to take to school, clothes to wear without holes in the elbows and knees, and the ability to stay for after school classes. Having to make these considerations are the very definition of poverty plain and simple and that fact is all to easy for that 1% to forget. The reality is, the third job is often taken to get the child a better chance and to insure they can catch a bus home to the safety of their family.

Some people have no choice but to be busy. They don’t choose to do it, they simply take it as their duty in order that their children might live in an area without violence and maybe one day grow up and take advantage of their parents sacrifices.

I have to ask, are the following statement true or choice……

Their parents decision to be busy.

Their parents decision to be time poor.

Their parents decision to be stupid.

Somehow I think not. Somehow I think it is wanting to do better for you child than you had done for you……

For my money, it’s about time the Warren Buffets of this world woke up and and became a good deal more time poor by choice maybe by actually helping those who are time poor simply because they wish to give their children the one thing every parent wants to give their child – a decent start in life.
Now please do not think this is a direct attack on the any nation, there are plenty of people around the world with the same 1% belief system, after all it goes back many many years, and caused several revolutions. Lets face it anyone who could say the famous words “Let them eat cake” is not what I would describe as a compassionate head of state.


On this occasion I no longer care about the fridge, live in in for all I care, just make sure any people you know who are time poor have something to put in theirs.



One thought on “Since Reading The Below Excerpt, I’ve Been Thinking

  1. Peter's pondering says:

    Cameron, it’s good to see you again.

    I can fully understand your intense annoyance at this ill thought out piece of journalism.
    It never ceases to amaze me that generalisations are so readily made about all and sundry.
    My particular gripe has to be the “fact” that I, and the rest of my generation, have always had things so easy, we all fell into well paid jobs, worked very few hours, and retired with huge pension pots, having used up everything that the current generations would dearly love to have.

    Dare I mention 2 sets of clothes, one for school, the other for weekends? No bathrooms? Outside toilets? A mile and a half bike ride to catch a bus to go to school? No after school clubs? School on Saturday mornings. A weeks holiday in a converted bus near to Rhyl, 3 times in my childhood? Hand me down clothes, and toys. £2.12.6d a week starting pay. Most of us didn’t know what a pension pot was, never mind having one! The joy of a watch for my 10th birthday!
    No, I daren’t mention any of that, otherwise it would seem I am moaning, and I’m not moaning because I have nothing to moan about! There are so many worse off than me.

    Anyway, it’s good to hear that your business is going so well. No need to worry about the writing. When you’ve built up your vast pension pot, in 2 years time, you can retire and devote your full time to becoming the new sensational author of the 2020’s!

    Keep smiling my friend, and may the jobs keep coming


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