Is There A Natural Shelf Life To a Blog…..

Maybe you might wish to read in order to find out more……

But please don’t delete.

Not just yet.

Give it a chance.

We all deserve the occasional indulgence, or at least our ego’s do.

So let’s start…….

Hello everyone!

Long time no see, hear, read, write, listen, delete etc etc.

No, no no no!!! Please, hear me out.


Let me at least attempt to start this blog (from the weakest of all blogger’s….ever…..) with something that you might possibly want to continue reading.

Something that if and when you actually make it to the bottom of the page, it actually makes you think and say to yourself……

“You know what, I’m going to leave a comment…”

A comment?


Don’t be silly!

People such as us like to live in the shadows.

We understand how to live on the cusp of the extremities in the binary world of 1’s and 0’s

But regardless of any opinion, we do still live…..

And we are exceptional people because we read these publications, we may even believe it to be wisdom even if we know this platform is the bloggers equivalent to the psychiatrists couch….

So please, I implore you to think, to consider and above all, leave that comment.

Good or bad, positive or negative it really doesn’t matter at this stage, we are all entitled to an opinion so lets use that entitlement.

After all, opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one… so why not use it (opinion not a*****e!!) to show that this format still exists, still works, still matters and you have maybe spent enough concentration on the screen and not your digestive dunker to understand and digest it’s content.

Anyway, as usual I am ahead of myself so lets get back to the start of this possibly seminal publication…….

For some reason I find myself back here again.

Actually, I do know the reason, but at this stage of my creative process, please allow me a certain amount of vagary in order to encourage today’s article to follow it’s natural flow..

I know I posted earlier in the year and I know I promised faithfully that I would to continue to do so.
Maybe not necessarily on a daily basis but maybe once a fortnight, maybe once a month, hopefully once a quarter but definitely at least once every 6 months, surely….?

Well that was my plan.

And that failed.

I’d like to state for the record that I did have every intention of doing as I said but…..

We we all know what good intentions bring. Especially for the likes of us guys who feel the need to share our thoughts with the WWW in the first place.

I can easily blame my work load.

As I am sure we all can.

I can also easily blame the fact that if there were expectations of creative writing of any format then it should possibly have been concentrated on existing works such as a re-write of those two screenplay’s or the continuation of THAT novel – even though all three projects continuously vie for the premium accessible space on the regularly accessed word processor’s hard drive.

But given that not a word has changed in any of those stories for over a year (August last year in fact, when I took myself off to France for three weeks in order to attempt concentration on the novel) then in good conscience I really can’t offer that as any kind of an excuse.

In reality, blogging and any life I may have had back then has long since ceased to exist on a regular (see daily) basis as everything connected to me and my new life has changed beyond all recognition.
Back then I started out talking to the world when I could barely move, and I believe it became what it did because people were fascinated by my weight, my story, my issues…..
And many of you know, as I went through the pain of all these many issues, I laundered many of them if not all in public.
Yes, I CHOSE to share, I even chose to accept my own culpability in an obviously self inflicted issue and by doing so, I opened myself up to the world.
But from that choice, it must be agreed I have faced much that others could not contemplate even though many of those demons disappeared along with the story I was hoping to tell.

Regardless of this I count myself as fortunate, maybe even lucky to have received the surgery from Bruno Sgromo and Richard Gillies and state emphatically I appreciate all of the support offered freely by so many and acknowledge that through this support I have been changed completely.

And as life changed I appreciated the second chance but unfortunately as things resolved with my weight, other factors took up.

After all, life is life and that was what I was going to be exposed to.

Like a normal person expected to live every day because thats what happens.

Life continues – if we’re lucky and I was…….

But now looking back on the experience I can say that in my case it threw up many more issues than just being obese.

After all, my fat bubble had burst and it was time to let the real world back in…

I was once again part of that everyday but it required I learn it all over once more.
Unfortunately learning brought back desires, it brought back hopes and fears and it brought back long forgotten dreams.

And thats when things began to go wrong.

I say go wrong but in all honesty I don’t mean that even though I do (weird enough for you?)

I always had my weight as a reason for not having a partner, for not being able to move very well, for not going out, for not being expected not to drink too much or eat the wrong food.

Then all of a sudden it was gone.

I had nothing to blame.

Life had finally dealt me a winning hand and it was up to me to do something with it and not let myself down.

I could no longer whinge and whine. I had to be positive and I had to move on.

And I had to show that the opportunity is the mark of what I am.

But resetting takes time and new issues take place so very easily. It is relearning life, it is trying to cope with life the same as everyone else. I was finding my place in the world for a second time and dealing with all of the knocks that can get thrown our way.

I think it’s called LIVING.

Not moaning. Not bleating, not worrying about what if’s, who’s, why’s, when’s where’s etc etc


And from that realisation I now believe finally we live up to our own personal situations, deal with them without excuse and maybe consider the possibility that the writing of our daily blog no longer enhances the world in which we now live, no matter how funny or creative it may be.
We have exorcised our demons, unburdened our issues to a point where we really should consider we no longer need to pay the blogging piper even if as I said, it might continue to serve to act as our own free leather confessional couch.

Do not get me wrong, there are MANY exceptions to this rule. Many of the people I follow  (McCupcakes, Stephellaneous, Half Baked…..) are some of the most erudite and witty non/ professional writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading but they are not examples of what I am trying to impart. They write because they are fun, have something to say and are not bleating.

This is why they have lasted longer than 36 months and many of us, myself included have failed to get beyond that terminal shelf life…….

But I finish sheepishly by saying this article is only my own opinion. It airs my belief that we must acknowledge everything has a shelf life, especially writing about our own daily experiences once our original story has been covered and, in most cases, conquered.

Maybe its because I have shared everything that I was initially troubled with I have nothing else to say.
Maybe its because I finally realised after all, that my life was very unremarkable and not that much different to anyone else’s (apart from the obvious obesity issues) even though I went on and on and on about it ad nauseam…..

I would like to think not.

Mind you, I could start a new blog.

But that would be a NEW blog and therefore be a new subject and therefore a new issue and therefore might possibly prove my point…..

However, personally I understand that what I achieved served it’s purpose.
In any walk of life we all look back to our own experiences in order to offer wisdom, although if I ask myself when did my experience and wisdom run out? When did I simply just pay lip service to the culture of blogging? Even though knowing that what I said was the expected thing to say and not what I really thought?
Pretty soon after I started I would think….

Over my many blogs (was it 500?) I covered many subjects with both much and little knowledge but always making out I was waxing lyrical from my very own experiences.

I am therefore either well learned, well experienced or just a great big blowhard that wants people to listen to me and comment about the latest words of wisdom I have deigned to impart upon my fawning followers…..

As I say guys, maybe it all has a shelf life and once that pony has been tamed, it may be time to move on a catch another ….

Head first into the fridge everyone.

WBFM out

19 thoughts on “Is There A Natural Shelf Life To a Blog…..

  1. Tim Green says:

    Life is all about the journey not the destination. We all end up at the same destination and our legacy is not how big your house was or how cool your car was it is all about how you coped with that journey and influenced others along the way. Life is like a very long walk you will see good weather, bad weather, great views, trouble ahead and encounter others in trouble, You have good times and bad times and when you hit the latter you must keep going and look towards the better times. If we could all only realise that we are on that same long walk, having the same good and bad times and that we could help each other along the way. I think that everyone will have taken positivity from your blog and helped both them and you focus on what we all do with our ‘walk’. Good on you and the time that you have invested.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Hey Tim, many thanks for your thoughts. I agree with the end game statement where we are simply what we are and no amount of material wealth or acquisitions accumulated throughout life actually matters. I now work hard and try to enjoy myself but I still have love for my fellow man and would hope that I would always give of myself if I’m ever found in such a position that requires my (limited) wisdom.
      As you know, I have written much and tried to share experiences along the way so many people or maybe even just one person might have been able to take a pearl from my thoughts to help them on their way.
      I now believe we can only offer those regular said pearls if we share our thoughts and experiences on a regular basis; and when the personal catharsis of a daily share start to wane then maybe it is time to hang up the keyboard and pass the challenge on to another more invested soul therefor bringing our own written story to its natural end forcing that shelf life question.
      Many thanks for reading and most of all, many thanks for posting this comment.


  2. thelonelyauthorblog says:

    First, welcome back. So good to know you are well.
    This was a brilliant post.

    To live our life is our purpose. Yes, a blog like so many other things can have a shelf life.
    I believe in the beginning, you started out wanting to share your story, your trials and errors so that others can leanr and not feel alone. Perhaps, there was even a little of you not wanting
    to be alone during this biog change.

    Now, you are at the point, where you are ready to live and write a new story. Perhaps, you should write a blog post once every three months or six months, for others in your situation to see their is a life after the surgery. So they can see the benefits of the risk you took.

    Whatever you decide, make sure it is what is best for you. It has been wonderful interacting and learning from you. And until the next time wechat, I wish you all the best.


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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Hey Drew, many thanks for the comment.
      Maybe I might well write again now that this episode of my life if so well documented.
      Maybe it could be some DIY tips gleaned from my day to day work day in the business started since the weight loss……

      I wish you well also and will always read your missives and even if there are no comments from my side, be sure I have enjoyed the thought and story you have created.




  3. Peter's pondering says:

    Good to see you back Cameron. I’ve re blogged this with a little explanation. I want to know all about your business. How’s it doing? How are you doing? What are you doing? What are you going to put on those empty shelves? Come on…..we need to know!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Many thanks for the reblog, you are kind to do so.
      Business is absolutely crazy.
      It started as a property maintenance business and grew from there.
      Now it is a building company. I do total refurbishments of properties, build kitchens, bathrooms, arrange roofing, so landscapes, build walls, plaster walls, plumb, electrics the list goes on.
      I am called and I could never have imagined doing this before I lost weight.
      Life is full of surprises so lets see what the future puts on those shelves……

      Hope all is well with you Peter, take care.


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      • Peter's pondering says:

        I’m doing fairly well, and continue to wake up each morning!!!
        Good to hear of the business success. Just remember to save a little time for yourself. Do you do your own admin or have you found someone to take that off your hands? That is the bugbear sometimes for small businesses. You do a hard and long day’s work and then have to go home and do the billing and estimates.
        Stay happy and healthy Cameron!


      • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

        Hi Peter, sorry for the delay in my reply, I’m afraid it is simply down to the statement you made asking if I made time for myself.
        Well the answer as you probably already know is a pretty poor no I’m afraid.
        Yes I do try make time for myself but because this time is so very limited I unfortunately tend to spend it sitting quietly, trying to relax – unfortunately indulging in the consumption of alcohol.
        If I am entirely honest I am currently doing my best (once again) to steer clear of this self medication but admit I find it hard that when the day is over and I start the accounts, catch up with the invoices and create those fantastical estimates so that I might have something to invoice once again in the future, the stress reliever does do its job and allows me to work on….
        I have however promised myself that come the new year (by which time I should have caught up with all outstanding “I want it now” customers) I will allow myself at least one single day each week to spend on my creative writing after which I shall endeavour to spend any coming weekend like a normal person would. I shall attempt to complete household chores, re visit my local countryside taking in the beauty of the world and by doing so relax and recharge along with the world.
        Or at least that is the plan.
        But then we know what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men……
        Don’t get me wrong, I love my business, I enjoy my success but I am most definitely convinced there is much much more to come from this ordinary lad currently sat with open keyboard writing to whom so ever might choose to read the tumble down thoughts that spring from untrained fingers adding to the many years where both beauty and bobbins have slipped through my edit…..
        But because of this feeling of belief or doubt (I think we delete accordingly) I truly and honestly feel and know that I would be cheated if I don’t end up sharing my success and recreation with that much wished for special someone who for whatever reason has eluded me all of these years….
        Anyway, enough of me, I am truly glad all is good with you and will not so much implore you to continue to watch this space, but more advise with a friendly nudge because we never know when that unintentional muddle of words makes us drop that unparalleled creativity bomb on the world that like a doodlebug winds its uncontrolled way and hits that one person with that one thing they have been waiting their entire life to read…..



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      • Peter's pondering says:

        Cameron, you’ve hit upon my two very worst vices, sitting, and drinking! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in need of professional help for either, but it is very easy to sit for too much of the day, especially when retired. Much better to be up and about, walking, gardening, standing cooking, anything other than sitting. As to the drinking, I have never been a big beer drinker, although I do like to sample the craft beers occasionally. My passion is whisky!
        I know, also, the difficulties of a sole trader. Success brings its own difficulties, and starting to employ staff can add to those, but if you don’t employ someone, you end up with less and less personal time, and more stress than you can handle.
        No need for apologies for anything. I will await your huge success as a writer, an after dinner speaker, and the partner of that gorgeous certain lady that is waiting just round the corner.
        Good luck and good health Cameron.


  4. All About Life says:

    Hi Cameron, I’m Lisa, Peter directed me to your blog :O)
    I think, to respond to your post, everything in life has a purpose and, once it has served its purpose, can be discarded. Writing is, in my experience, cathartic – the very best kind of self-help because it’s no different really than lying on a psychiatrist’s couch for a year and talking about yourself – eventually, you sort through your mental spaghetti and put it into some kind of order :O)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Hi Lisa, nice to meet you!
      I think you hit the nail on the head with the catharsis and the subsequent discarding of the written word.
      Mental spaghetti well straightened on this occasion, now it just leaves the other crap to deal with. Maybe it will be written and shared, maybe it will be old school ignored and worked out walking……



      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ruth says:

    Living is without doubt the hardest part of life – I’ve struggled on and off my whole life with depression, and I can see that sometimes I have used it as my internal justification for not doing stuff… depression is debilitatiing but it’s also what I know best, and the more I learn how to deal with it proactively rather than with passive acceptance, the more I realise how easily I have at times used it as an excuse for not truly living life to the full… 🙂


    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Hi Ruth.
      You already know this but you are not alone.
      I regularly use my depression as a way out of doing things.
      I too allow its debilitating grip stop me from enjoying my life.
      I always (if I choose to) have an answer and a reason for the no and never the yes..
      I am much better than I was but even this weekend past I allowed my anxiety and unrealistic imaginations to stop myself from doing ALL of my best male friends for a lunch but because I was not in the best of mental health I chose to use work as a shield.
      Now yes, fair enough, I did work but it was nothing that i could not have diarised another day, but I chose to let the excuse manifest from my illness and from that point there was no stopping me, O worked then I went home and sat alone watching TV I didn’t care for but I felt safe because I was at home surrounded by familiarity..
      We only have one chance. I chose to share my weight loss story and it may have helped another but that part of my life is gone and maybe it is time for me to focus on releasing other demons and restarting the natural shelf life of a new blog.

      Good luck and best wishes


  6. New Journey says:

    Well what a lucky break for me to run across this long, lost post of yours. I say my friend, I still think that you should be back on here, you are Whitty and have something to share with all of us, at least in my opinion!! And really in my world that is what counts!!! Isn’t is always all about me!! LOL As I sit her in the rain in the desert, that’s an oxy moron for sure, LOL I certainly was happy to find this post. I always, always enjoyed hearing from you on here. I would love to hear how your dealing with life. Its something that some of us can’t accept. Even though, years ago I lost over 100 #’s and life certainly got better but then had different challenges to meet, I am at that stage in my life that when the weight starts to fall off I get all apprehensive and am not sure I can live without my security literally wrapped around me!!! I am so happy that you are, well by my standards, doing well, you wrote on here YAY that was a good thing, I really do wish you nothing but success in all aspects of your life and joy and most of all peace within yourself!! I will one day make it over the pond again and you and I my friend will have a cup of tea!! XXXXkat


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