Okay, first things first.

Happy New Year everybody.

Here’s hoping that this year will finally bring us all the success that we have been hankering after, whether it be in diet, activity, love, dreams or anything else your heart may have been secretly desiring these past years whilst you have been busy getting on with life.

Lets just say that we all know that most of these things only happen with effort on our behalf but with the new year comes a chance to wipe the slate clean and a chance to start all over again and it is this I wish most for you all.

Remember, if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results.

Time for change………

Right, now it’s time for the blog.


Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet where the WBFM appears to have gotten a little bit too full of himself and started using great big words that he can even say……

Maybe it might be easier just to say DNA.

Yeah, I reckon it would…….

So why a post on DNA?

Well about a month ago I undertook a DNA test to determine what healthy choices I should make that were specifically tailored to my own body. It may sound a trifle over the top because lets face it we should all simply follow a good healthy diet and our own little worlds would be perfect, but I wanted to know what was good for me and what was bad, I wanted to know what my body needed and what it didn’t. I also wanted to know what the best training type would benefit me the most as even though I had trained for my run earlier in the year, I have always thought I was not specifically designed for cardio style exercise and my DNA profile has proved this (I am honestly thankful for this small mercy) stating that my make up has a propensity toward power over endurance.

I knew it!!

Well actually, I didn’t. I simply thought I was rubbish at running and had an unrealistic dislike of cardio style exercises 🙂

But training specifics aside, I was interested to see what type of diet my body was best suited to, what vitamins it required, what I should avoid and how I should change my my diet in order to accommodate these requirements.

So imagine my horror when the results were in.

I was best suited to a mediterranean diet and needed something called cruciferous vegetables.

Oh balls.

Yes, since my operation I have amazingly started eating vegetables but pretty much steering clear of the cabbage family (broccoli aside) and here is this report telling me that my genes were best suited to cabbage, brussel sprouts, turnips et al…..


Why could it not have said, chocolate, fish and chips, fast food, crisps, cheese or at the very least chicken pies?


My body wants sprouts and cabbage in order to maximise the glucosinolates that help to keep my body toxin free and heart healthy.

Ah well. As much as I am disappointed in my body, it looks like I’ll be hitting those green smoothies every morning along with a couple of eggs whether poached, scrambled, coddled or boiled to top off the protein requirements.

Then the rest of the day will be spent taking care of the mediterranean diet in the shape of plenty of salad and fish where I will obviously be harking back to some long lost relative that originally came from that neck of the woods, whether it be Spain, Italy, Greece….etc

Who knew?

I am not Scottish after all, I’m a Mediterranean 😉

No more neeps and haggis or mince and tatties for me. My staple will be following the diet laid out by my ancestors. Salad, oily fish, fruit, legumes, wholegrain (add infinitum/nauseam)

The new diet will look more like this….

CE55 Mediterranean Feature.indd

Now the diet itself will be quite straight forward along with the exercise, however I’m not sure where I will find these loved ones to share my meals with!!

So there you have it.

Thanks to science, I now know exactly how I should exercise, what I should eat and what I should avoid, what supplements I need and how I should start living in order for my life to further improve and extend long into its autumnal years.

All I need to do is put it into practice.

Wish me luck!!

Till next time, stay out of the fridge.



  1. Osyth says:

    Excellent and pertinent advice to the masses. I know I am keen to take up the cudgels on all those things that have been lapsing gently into oblivion. Blogging more frequently than my erratic efforts this year is one of my new ‘revelations’ (I prefer that word to resolutions …. sounds so much more thrilling!) x

    Liked by 2 people

  2. New Journey says:

    Hummmm I loved the ole Scottish friend, and saying it with a little Gaelic twinge, but now i can lower the voice in my head to sound all sultry, low and add breath puffs to the ends of the words…LOL and quite lovely to say, My new Mediterranean friend, across the pond!! LOL well done on getting some very real information about your bodies needs and wants. Glad you back with us, for one, I missed the WBFM words of wisdom and life’s cares….Hope this finds you having a wonderful New Years Day and setting in motion the rest of the years revelations, like Osyth said it…..Well done my friend…XXXXkat

    Liked by 1 person

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