A Final Video Blog Farewell.

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

Today we start the week with just 6 more posts (including this one) remaining until I leave for my epic walk where I shall record the final chapter of this blog by telling you all about my journey along the Ridgeway.

However, today I shall simply be talking about the blog and how I would never have dreamed I would ever reach the stage that I have today including all other sundry items along the way….

So carry on and watch, see what you can see and let me know what you think in the comments….

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

P.S Don’t forget to follow this link and donate to my just giving page…..

29 thoughts on “A Final Video Blog Farewell.

  1. Osyth says:

    I loved this post. And I have loved journeying along with you. And mostly I am very very much looking forward to your new beginning. Here’s looking at you, kid – play it again Cam πŸ™‚

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  2. Doctor Jonathan says:

    Where many might say, “make us all proud,” I’ll say instead, “make yourself proud.” This is an exciting time for you with all you have going on. Life (with all its normal ripples) will only ultimately get better. Enjoy this experience as well as all the future ones in store for you. You may be signing off as the “fridge magnet,” but I will always consider you my friend. I am a better person for knowing and interacting with you. Thank you and best of continued success.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Wow! Thanks Doc, you are so kind to say that. I too consider you a friend and I often refer to you as such when I discuss the blog so thank you for your support and belief and here’s hoping the new Cameron 2.0 is just as lucky to have as many wonderful pals as the first incarnation.

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  3. Meritings says:

    Even if it is simply a fat bloke doing a walk it will be a fat bloke doing a walk with conviction, determination, for a great cause, and with the hopes and best wishes of loads of people behind him. Go Cameron!

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