Looking Back Over My Shoulder Pt8

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. Today we find ourselves at the much awaited day of Friday.

Yippee! It’s Friday!!!

Okay, Okay, Calm Down Dear….!

Right, so as it’s Friday I suppose we must press on with my Looking Back series where I tell you guys a little about myself and last time I think I left you with the fact I had just fallen asleep after a mammoth 57 hrs of being awake…..

So the next morning, I awoke cold and a little disoriented for sure. I had been expecting to sleep the sleep of the dead but I recall I ended up rising as the others in the house stirred and so was fortunate to witness what was to become a morning ritual.

The removal of the ice from the INSIDE of the patio window. The window of the room I slept in!!

No wonder it was a bit parky….!

So what would the future hold for me now that I was finally in the U.S.A? A place I had wanted to visit from long since I could remember. A place I had only ever seen on the T.V BUT a place that was instantly recognisable to me as an old friend would be. It is one of the things that I suppose we all notice when we finally visit a place we see only on the Television. I recall for example that several years later when I had the fortune to visit Manhattan, I could not get over the fact that steam actually did come out of pipes and man hole covers in the ground! Like I say, something you see on T.V that is completely alien to your own experience of where you live yourself is quite a shock to the system even though you were expecting to see it…!

So after a couple of days orientation and introductions to friends of my friends, I was left to my own devices and exploring the town and the University. After a while I found my feet and was soon being invited to parties and social gatherings. I was making friends of my own and enjoying the company of students and lecturer’s alike. I also started to train daily in the Gyms and Wellness Centre’s in the University. I also made good use of the swimming pool and improved my fitness no end.

To be fair, fitness improvement was a good idea because the walking around these parts was amazing and I was going to need all of the fitness I could get especially when it came to the hills.

There were plenty of hills.

Loads and loads of hills!

And we never seemed to ever walk down them, it was always up them!

Until I fell over in a snow drift and thought I had broken my ankle.

Wow that was painful!

Ended up in the local hospital for X-Rays and crutches….. But no broken ankle just badly sprained with torn ligaments etc. So I was quite a celebrity for a while, not only was I the British guy but I was also the guy on crutches, until I fell down the stairs in front of the college and did exactly the same to my other ankle.

Then I was just the “Stay clear of that guy, he’s a liability” guy…..

Anyway. I enjoyed myself tremendously in Frostburg. I helped my friend out at the teaching the students about soccer, explaining the game and the finer details as I understood them. Describing the civil war that was currently going on in the UK at the time (news to me but good fun to go along with the graduate students ignorance). I was also able to describe the ferry crossing between England and Scotland (even though they are actually part of the same landmass) to another bright spark….. Anyway, there was lots to see and do, always loads of parties to go to and nightclubs to get dressed up as women and go to…….


Yes. That was how I celebrated my 25th Birthday, dressed as a woman and getting free entry to the club and free drinks all night.

Not a bad return for wearing laddered tights 😉

So I had a blast in Frostburg, met loads of people, went to parties and kept myself fit however it was soon eventually time to come home, so packing up my kit and taking a crutch, I snagged myself an extra leg room spot on the flight home and in no time I was in the air and winging my way back to Blighty.

I recall I landed at Heathrow, London, England early one morning and was met by my parents and my son (who was still only a very small child of 18mths old) and as pleased as my folks were to see me, my son was very shy not having seen me for several months. However by the time we had gotten back to my parents house (I was going to have to live here for a while which didn’t go down well with my dad I can tell you!) Fraser (my son) had come round and was quite happy chatting away to me in his baby speak as my father asked me what I wanted most now I was home. I think I said apart from a job I would like a pint of milk, a PROPER bacon sandwich and some real Cadburys chocolate.

Fair play the old boy, he went out and got those very things for me and after consuming them, it was like I had never been away….

Come back soon to find out what Cameron did next….

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge…

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23 thoughts on “Looking Back Over My Shoulder Pt8

  1. spearfruit says:

    Welcome to America! Interesting visit here in the states – and dressing like a woman – between you and me – I have done it once myself! Happy Day my friend! 🙂


  2. Osyth says:

    I NEED a picture of you in those laddered tights – I mean to say, you are Batman and he never snags, surely 😉 Plus …. real bacon and cadburies chocolate would be my wish whenever I return to England. In fact, I can always be found when I drive out of the tunnel or exit Heathrow sniffing out a cafe (no é on an authentic British emporium of fried delights and sweet tea) like a rabid hound-dog. The only other thing I truly miss from Britain is TCP. Don’t ask 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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