It Never Rains But It’s Been Biblical…..

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. I trust this hump day finds you, like me, simply getting on with life and doing your best amidst all of the things that are sent to try us on a daily basis.

One thing I have found since my weight loss journey (I hate that term but it does sum up the past couple of years very well!) began is that everyday we are constantly being tried and tested no matter how lovely our lives may appear to be. People I know whom have (what can only be considered as) everything are having their (very threadbare) patience tried and tested as much as those who consider themselves to have nothing.
Personally, I am tried on a regular basis with food choices and although am on the whole so much better and healthier than I was, I can still make mistakes and eat too many Jaffa Cakes, have too much chocolate or want Fish and Chips over and above all the healthy options that are out there.

I know we all suffer from this kind of problem and so for that reason I let things go. I know I have made a mistake BUT I simply get on with it and know I will do better next time.

But it is not always about food is it? For years I would wallow in my own woe and be depressed about things not going exactly right. I would be annoyed about silly things I thought I could not change such as my football team, my diet, my work ethic, my creativity, my lack of money, my living conditions, the fact my TV wasn’t HD etc etc…

The list went on and on.

I spent many years being angry at life and feeling cheated out of the success I thought I was due. I was convinced life was meant to be so much better than it was turning out but today I know life is what we make it and how we deal with the trials and tribulations of our daily lives is what makes us.

So how did that happen?

Well I’m sorry to say but I have no idea when or why this changed but it did and I now try to look at everyday as a new day and I can categorically state that apart from one area of my life (and I think you all know that area by now guys) I try to roll with the punches and not get too caught up in the minutiae of things I am unable to change the moment they impact my life. There is no point in being wound so tight I could burst at anytime because what is going to happen IS GOING TO HAPPEN, it is simply the way we deal with it. If something is worrying me then I address it. As for the silly things I listed earlier such as my football team not doing well? I simply backed away from it. My money running out too quickly? I stopped spending. My not being able to work everyday? I got my health back and now there is no stopping me. My creativity going missing? To be fair I am still working on this one but each day I know I get closer and closer to picking up that metaphorical pen once more. My TV? I saved up and got what I wanted. My diet not being right? Well I think we all know what happened there 😉

There is a saying that when it rains, it pours. This basically means that when things are going bad they only get worse with more and more issues presenting themselves before you have time to deal with the ones you already have. BUT this is the case for ALL of us and it is literally only a matter of perspective that dictates how we deal with them. If there is a problem then we must look at it, not necessarily as an opportunity, but just as a singular problem for which there will usually be a solution. If there is NO solution then it is something we cannot change so we must simply work around it and that is when we show our strength of character. We must learn to accept the things we cannot change and deal with them as best we can and by doing this I promise we are ALL guaranteed a quieter mind and soothed soul because let’s face it, that is what we all really want from life.

For me this week has proven once again to be one of those times. The weather has been so appalling that to be honest there has not been as much walking as I would have liked and it is promising to be even worse over the next few days so that too will prelude me from getting on the boots and getting some miles under my belt. Now I know I am not made of sugar but let’s be honest, walking really is not an enjoyable thing to do when the rain is driving into you at all angles, the wind is blowing and there is no sign of let up. However, I have not let it get the better of me. I have not let it worry me, I have simply gotten on with the fact I have been unable to train yet I have still looked forward to the bigger picture knowing that my determination will see me through.

I honestly know and can categorically state that if there is rain like this on my walk I shall still walk and I shall get through because of the overall picture being much bigger than me. I am not only doing this for the charity but I am also doing it for my self respect, for my future and simply because I can.

So f you are feeling trapped or worried about things, sit down and take a minute to quantify the situation, think of all of the good you have in your life and think how much better you might feel if you just let go of the things you CANNOT change and grasped the good things that are here today and never let them go because the good things will always outweigh the bad when we finally choose to count our blessings.

Now, go and get over to Just Giving and get yourself the warm feeling by sending me over a donation….. 😉

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.




28 thoughts on “It Never Rains But It’s Been Biblical…..

  1. milliethom says:

    You’re absolutely right, Cameron. Many things in life are ‘sent to try us’ but we just have to deal with them as they arise and get on with life. I suppose, the older you get, the more you realise that – and you seem to have developed a positive attitude to it all. I must say though, that you’ve had a heck of a lot more rain than we have up in Nottinghamshire. We’ve had very little really – just the way winds blow, as they say. I really hope things dry up for your actual walk. It would make it much more pleasant up on the Ridgeway. It’s so beautiful up there, but heavy rain and strong winds could make it much less so. Our forecast for up here is good for next week, which seems very unfair. Mind you, we’re in Cornwall next week, so goodness knows what the weather will be like down there. It rains a lot there at the best of times!
    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and conclusions today.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      I try my best to be upbeat about my life and the hand that has been dealt so that way I have fewer rocky points in my life.
      The weather has been shocking down here. It is still overcast and windy here after such a lovely weekend which is a shame because it means the heating has to go on and that is just defeat!
      I do hope however the weather picks up over the next week and it is at least dry and still whilst I walk and I hope the weather will be 1976 esque when you arrive in Cornwall!

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  2. sleeveforme22 says:

    I just said this to someone else, so funny! A bad moment doesn’t have to mean a bad life. A bad food choice doesn’t have to turn into a week of bad food choices. Acknowledging a mistake is healthy, but moving past it and not beating yourself up over it is healthier. We have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again. Every single day.

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  3. spearfruit says:

    Great post Cameron, thank you for the motivational message. It seems all our lives have those moments in time that want to drag us down. But as you indicated, we can be thankful for what we have and keep moving forward. Have a great day. 🙂

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  4. New Journey says:

    great post, I needed to hear all that….life can seem to be so impossible at times….even for me!! LOL but in reality, its all good…up, breathing, getting healthy…food in the fridge, a good man at my side….but sometimes there feels like there is something missing…can’t put my finger on it when those feelings show up….but makes you sit up and take notice of whats happening in your life!!! Then get back on the road to health, wealth and happiness…..Hummm even writing it down is sounds like BS…LOL I am hoping that the rain lets up for your walk…and just a thought, I bet there are treadmills at the gym that you could be getting a walk in on…just a thought !! and I said the nasty word…gym……have a great evening…xxkat

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  5. Meritings says:

    I seem to recall someone saying that there is no such thing as GOOD or BAD weather, just different weather. These comments just go to prove that. We (especially we British!) complain about the rain, whereas someone else is in desperate need of rain. Likewise with excess heat. Keep smiling Cameron, the sun shines on the righteous, so I think we can safely say you will have decent weather for the walk! (Not too hot though)

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  6. Osyth says:

    You do so well in the upbeat and go-gettum stakes and it is bound to have a flip side. The messages you share are nothing short of brilliant in my less than humble (!) opinion – sometimes we are tried to the limit but taking time out to examine and rejoice in our blessings (that we are breathing is a good start) acts like happy juice to the spirit. And the walk will be fine, by the way … you know it will 🙂

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