Writers Block… The Scurge Of Us All.

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. I trust you all had a good weekend and things are now back to the Monday morning routine.

Yesterday (as you will probably already have worked out) I didn’t post. This was the second time this month I have gone absent without leave and can only apologise for anyone who was expecting yet another instalment on my ever-so fruitful life.

On Saturday I went to look at a van and after viewing decided to buy as I firmly believe it would be an ideal vehicle with which to start my new local handy man business.


Yesterday I collected said Van after spending Saturday afternoon trying to Insure and then Road Tax it. They do make out it is going to be easy but oh my, getting insurance is SOOOO time consuming! Anyway, after a 90 minute drive back home and confirming all appeared well with the little workhorse, I decided to modify the racking in the back to better hold my tools more securely and offer me a little more load space for carry things.

Of course once I had gotten finished with this I had a pile of unused racking laying on the driveway because there was no room in the garage. So onto my next job, clearing out the garage and tidying up all of the tools and equipment in there.

Once finished I was happy with my efforts so I decided to go and start a little tiling job at my friends house. Unfortunately, this ended up just being that, I laid 5 tiles because the other required cutting and even I know when there is a right and a wrong tile to cut tiles on an electric tile cutting machine and I reckon 7:30 at night was NOT that time….

So I came home to have a wash up and sit down to write about my day but for some reason nothing flowed. Nothing felt good, nothing entered my head and no matter h much I forced it, simply nothing came.

Not even a title…

Realising I was flogging the proverbial dead horse, I thought it better to simply leave al until today and try again.

I must say that things, although better, are still a good long way away from where I want to be and I am even struggling to pick the right words for this little passage I pen.

I have no idea what it is but all I can imagine is that all is not well in the world of Cameron. I have the walk looming and although very much looking forward to that and feeling a trifle daunted by all I am required to do before setting off. I have just invested a good chunk of money into a van and now hope that I can make it all work out for me and make the ideas I have come to fruition and this itself is a daunting prospect because before when I did something like this I simply just got going without a plan…..

Maybe there is more to it all but certainly I am not feeling straight in the head so for that I apologise and hope that my writing Mojo returns to me very soon so that I might be useful to people needing inspiration and help with changing their lives.

Fortunately my next post is pretty straight forward given that it is a Tasty Tuesday so hopefully things will have returned to normal by the time Wednesdays post comes round PLUS we may have gotten to the bottom of my energy reserves being so low as tomorrow is Blood Test and Dr day…..

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

33 thoughts on “Writers Block… The Scurge Of Us All.

  1. New Journey says:

    My frined, you have been going non stop all weekend…sitting down to put thoughts on paper seems trifle when really what you needed was a laydown!!! We spent all last week going on goose chases after this truck and that truck…so I know how draining that is alone, then after you purchase the truck, the motor vehicles for registration and then insurance….something you can’t just snap your fingers and be done!!! So no stress over not being able to put out a post….your brain had been on all day, then the garage…that’s overwhelming just thinking about it…so bravo to you, your getting on with your goal of owning your own business…I love the truck…the color alone had me…LOL I didn’t even know Volkswagen made those…never seen one before….well done!! and good for you, a man who knows when to stop regarding a job!! I am not sure I would of had the patience to stop…LOL trudge on cram and push…LOL I understand that your a little apprehensive about the walk….but you know what, its going to be a blast, and you will do great…once you take the first step…all the fears/anxiety/worries will melt away….and you will just get on with it…..glad the MD visit is tomorrow…helpfully they will be able to put a name to malaise….sending you energy…….xxxkat

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  2. Doctor Jonathan says:

    I look at that new vehicle and two words pop into mind, BABE MAGNET! 😀
    Sometimes with so much in life going on at the same time, it becomes difficult to separate things out to clear one’s thoughts. It usually feels like a big deal, but it clears itself out. Jason Atkinson has continued to post and share the points of the podcast including how to donate to HENRY. We are giving you and the cause as much exposure as possible.
    Will catch you again tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

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  3. fattymccupcakes says:

    Friend, you don’t have to explain to anyone why you don’t post. I mean, if you are gone for days, then we will all start to wonder. I think you need a rest day where you do nothing. I think that is what is plaguing you. You are trying to do too much, be too much. Just be still. I really like the van, though 🙂

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