Looking Back Over My Shoulder Pt5

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

It’s Friday!

Woo Hoo!

Yep, the weekend is nearly upon us and here in the UK we are expecting a bit of a corker weather wise so I shall be looking forward to getting out and about and soaking up as much warmth and brightness as the weekend will offer.

However, back to today and it is time to take you on the next part of the journey around the world. Last week I believe I left you in a bar where I was attempting to get out of the oppressive heat and humidity of Darwin. Here I met all manner of characters, including one or two of the unsavoury variety who had left the UK amny years previously rather than face the music for certain transgressions against the authorities.

Enough said there I think!

Heading to the air conditioning of a bar was something I would do on a regular basis whilst in Darwin if only just to get out of the stifling heat, but because of this I was able to meet up with a couple of guys who were looking to go into Kakadoo National Park to get away from the humidity (it’s still hot no matter where you go!) Now over 20 years on I can no longer remember the guys names but I do remember they owned an old Datsun estate car that they were determined to drive it into the huge National Park and see what it was all about.
All of this was quite the adventure for a boy from a small town in Oxfordshire I can tell you. On the way we drove past Kangeroos, Koalas and MASSIVE Termite mounds.


So we traveled around, witnessed electrical storms, stayed in tin huts in the middle of the outback, swam in shady pools where Crocodiles rested on ledges and generally did all manner of daft things just like youngsters should!

Eventually it was time to leave and head back to civilisation and the sanctity of a bed in a room that wasn’t surrounded by wildlife that wanted to kill you just for looking at it a bit funny…. and before long it was time to say our goodbyes as they drove across to Cairns.

I flew.

On a plane whilst sat next to a girl who came from a town less than 6 miles from where I live.


Travel all the way round the world and end up sitting next to someone from near enough your home town!

Anyway, no sooner had I hit Cairns than it was time to start checking out the local activities. In no time I was playing football for the local night club, singing in the Karaoke competitions (an winning… yes I can sing or I could sing I should say…) arranging the trips to the Great Barrier Reef where I was to be more amazed that my watch still worked under water than by the simple fact I was scuba diving…… DOH!! And finally arranging a trip to Fraser Island all because my son is called Fraser….!

The time passed in the sunshine of the Australian summer and I was soon heading down to Melbourne to catch my next flight. I traveled down through Brisbane and Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Went to Sydney and saw the famed Bondi Beech (which turned out to be little more than a cove on a bus route, with dirty sand, drug paraphernalia and general nastiness. The journey was a long and arduous one but one I did with a smile as I took in all of the sights along the way on the 7000km bus ride….

Finally I reached the south of Australia and arrived in Melbourne. I was able to stay with some friends of my brother so was treated like a little prince for a couple of days after having roughed it over the past few weeks on my journey around the coast and into the outback. Once such treatment was being taken to a hotel in the city centre wit a piano bar on the 33rd floor. Nothing unusual about this but when it came time go for a pee, I found that insects weren’t the only things that freaked you out whilst relieving yourself in Australia. Amazingly enough the wall out to the world was glass and where you took a pee was actually on THAT glass window.It was amazing to see the view but VERY disconcerting to see straight down 33 floors to the hard, hard concrete ground….!

Eventually it was Christmas eve and my flight to New Zealand was booked to take me to visit family for Christmas, so I packed up and headed out to pastures new with a rucksack a copy of a British football paper, boarded the plane and settled down to read accompanied by a can of New Zealand lager known as Steinlager.

Join me next time as I whiz you through New Zealand and on to my next stop, the Good Ole U. S of A πŸ˜‰

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

10 thoughts on “Looking Back Over My Shoulder Pt5

  1. LydiaA1614 says:

    Have any of your travels brought you to Canada? If not, you really should give us a visit, after all, our countries are still kinda related! LOL

    Thanks for the tour of Australia. My parents loved Australia and New Zealand and I would love to go but with my pain levels, that length of travel just isn’t practical. So it is nice to live vicariously through someone else! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. New Journey says:

    What fun….and to be young and dumb in so many aspects of life…swimming in a murky pond with alligators looking on….would you do that now??? LOL love that your kicking up your heals….so to say…..sounded like you made wonderful memories to have to look back on now….thanks for sharing them with us…and what a contrast….Australia to New Zealand….can’t wait…kat

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Doctor Jonathan says:

    Did not realize you were the world traveler as well. You have lived a life (so far) that most people will never have the time to live. There may have been hiccups along the way, but one thing is certain, you have not lived a PASSIVE life. Will stay tuned for the next part!

    Liked by 1 person

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