Tasty Tuesday With A Hong Kong Phooey Chop..!

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

You know sometimes as I write those (soon to be) immortal words, I wonder if you guys get sick of reading them every single time I post or if you, like me, simply skip past them and on to the body of the text to see if there is anything worth reading. Or, in this case, through the pictures to see if there is anything worth cooking…

I suppose in reality it matters not. What matters is that you have visited, liked my blog and hopefully left positive feedback in the comments.

Negative feedback will not be tolerated.

Just so you know…

Anyway, it’s Tuesday and thus I endeavor to bring you yet another tasty recipe taken from the wilds of the cray world of the internet and reproduced here with a little extra hint of Magnet and a twist of Cameron the Chef….

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