Looking Back Over My Shoulder Pt4

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

It’s Friday!


A bit too much?

Yeah, I suppose so BUT it’s the weekend and here in the U.K the start of a three day weekend by virtue of the fact we have a Bank Holiday on Monday so that’s an extra day of freedom!

I hope this weekend holds as much for you as it does for me. I am actually wondering how I will fit it all in because there is so many activities planned as I said yesterday in my video and this evening they kick off with a Dinner and Dance at my friend’s Mother’s Dementia care unit. I know it’s not the usual way that I would have once torn up the town on a Friday night but it is something that will make her mum happy and that in itself is a smile worthy thing if ever there was one.

To be fair I am not sure how it will play out as there will be dancing, a show and a buffet, however, I am really going for the tea and cake that will be served at 7.30 when it ends so will be sure I get myself at the front of that queue because with cake on offer, many of the residents who usually don’t move too fast are bound to put on a spurt of speed as they head each other off at the cake table…. πŸ™‚

Anyway, that’s enough of what is to come, we were concentrating on what has passed so you might get a better idea so let’s see if I can remember what happened after I boarded the plane to travel around the world….

Last time I left you with the knowledge that I was sleeping on a camp bed in a friends front room but I was planning a trip to take me far away from my troubles for a while.

November 1992 saw me board a plane in London Heathrow and travel to Darwin, Australia.
I still recall even now the heat I felt as I walked out of the airport at 3am and attempted to hail a cab. The doors opened and it honestly hit me like a wall, taking my breath away. I could not have been more inappropriately dressed if I had tried. A warm baseball jacket over a hoodie which itself was over a warm T shirt. On my bottom half were jeans and walking boots.

Definitely the WRONG attire for summer in Darwin.

Anyway, as it was my first night in a brand new continent let alone a new city, I decided to stay at an up-market hostel (no, I can now confirm that you are correct, no such thing exists…) and asked the driver to make it so.

“Up market hostel and don’t spare the horses….”

This was obviously heard by the driver as drive as slow and as far as you can and take me to a dive motel in a questionable part of the city.

So upon arrival and him clearing off, I found myself at a place that called itself a European Hostel…. Now if I had wanted one of those I would have gone to Europe and not flown for 24 hours to get half way around the world.
Anyway. As I stood in the reception of the hostel, slowly melting into my own walking boots, I thought I might treat myself and so asked for a single room with air conditioning.


Air conditioning meant cost.

EXTRA cost by a LONG way.

So I settled for a single room with a propeller in the middle of the ceiling. I think it was supposed to be a fan but I am sure it’s main purpose was to cut through the air making as much noise as it possibly could whilst offering little or no refreshing air circulation. Anyway, I unpacked my now very damp body from the perspiration laden clothing and I fell on the bed looking for some respite after my mammoth journey. It came on fits and starts as I awoke off and on to witness the local Fauna crawl up and down the walls, all apparently hungry as they hunted smaller creatures than themselves.

I recall vividly one point waking to see a very very green lizard shooting across the wall as though being chased, even though after waiting like a budding David Attenborough to see what had made this reptile move so fast, it’s pursuer never materialized.

After fitfull sleep, it was time to get up. I was hot, sticky and needed a morning pee so out I went looking to relieve myself and on the way to a shower block, I passed a Dunny in a little shack in the middle of a courtyard. Feeling brave I opened the door, looked around for the requisite Black Widow Red Diamond Back Crocodile Kimono spider (just think of the worst thing that can bite you and you will come close to these thing) I found it to be free of any visitors.


As soon as I was mid flow, I notice some insects, then a couple of my speedy friend’s friends giving chase just as then saw a very suspicious pile on the floor to one side of the bowl. Now I’m not saying it was the love child of an Anaconda and a Python but what I saw looked pretty bloody huge and scary enough to give my bladder stage fright and stop my relief. To this day I am not sure if I saw a very big, nasty looking snake or simply a pile of leaves,weeds and dog ends wrapped around some toilet roll, but I wasn’t staying to find out.

I ran back to my room, grabbed my things and checked out there and then, racing all the way to my next berth for the night.

Mind you, it was a couple of hours before I got there because en route to my new accommodation I felt I needed to get out of the oppressive 40˚c/100% humidity air that felt I was walking through a steam bath. So as I happened upon a small hostelry along the way, I decided to down my bags and blow the froth off of couple and meet the locals in an air conditioned bar in a bid to cool down.

After all, it would have been rude not too….

Come back next Friday for day two and beyond of the Magnet’s mammoth world tour.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.


11 thoughts on “Looking Back Over My Shoulder Pt4

  1. New Journey says:

    Love your story telling…can’t wait to hear more…sounds like quite an experience….have a fun weekend and I think your dance will be fun…its amazing at how much fun a group of senior citizens can be….I worked in the geriatric scene for years….and they taught me more than I knew….and we had fun all the time….xxkat

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Osyth says:

    Australia is still on my list – with a brother who has lived in Perth for 13 years, an Uncle and cousins in Hervey Bay for nearer 30 and a further cousin in Melbourne for over 10 it is ludicrous that I haven’t. Your anecdote has further fired me to think about it when I am more settled. After all – we only live twice. A shout out also for the Dementia Dance. I actually welled up when I read that you are going. In the great scheme of things I think it is humbling. I wish you and Emma a wonderful evening. And her mummy too πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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