Looking Back Over My Shoulder Pt3

Good morning friends and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

I’m sure many of you have already started smiling because it’s Friday and I hope I can keep that smile going through the day as I bring you yet more stories from my past life.

However, if you missed the first two installments, fear not because all you need do is follow the links and all will be caught up – Looking Back Over My Shoulder Pt1 and Pt2

So where did we get to last time?

Well I think I had just started my new career into the Motor Industry…..

So this was really where my life began I suppose. I had finally started a job that I loved with a boss who was supportive and helpful. Someone who believed in people, someone who saw the ability in people. Unfortunately his boss didn’t behave the same.

Ordinarily I would not name or shame people I have met along my life but the man who owned the garage where I sold the cars was the biggest old curmudgeon I think I have ever had the misfortune of meeting.

Owen T Kernahan.

That was his name.

What a distrustful, miserly old halitosis riddled ne’er-do-well that man was.

And worse of all, he insisted on being called Boss, Governor or by his initials OTK…

OTK? What the hell was that all about?

What a dick.

I was absolutely mystified by this man and how he wielded his power over all of his employees but it taught me one thing, if you rule by power and fear, you only get the least out of your employees. If you want something doing, always be the nicest person you can be.

Anyway, I worked here for two years and honed my skills at car sales. I learned the different ways people could say no, that when someone is “just looking” it doesn’t always mean that and when we used to write finance on people, it was ridiculous that there was no governing body because the higher the percentage rate, the more commission for the salesman. So terribly wrong, but so terribly exciting when you are young and dumb and only out for one thing, money.

So during my tenure I learned my trade. I learned how to sell metal and money, I learned how to deal with awkward miserly bosses and I also learned how to deal with irate customers when they were threatening him with a shotgun…


Yes, that is right, a shotgun.

Although to be fair, the man doing the threatening had left the gun in the trunk of his car and was working himself up to going back out to get it when “OTK” called me up and asked me to go to his office. Summoned by the boss I duly walked over to his office and climbed the stairs wondering what I was going to get told off for this time when I came face to face with a very irate nay, apoplectic customer and a very ashen faced OTK. I duly escorted the man out of the bosses office and down to his car where he did open his trunk and he did show me the shotgun (at which point I think the blood drained from my legs) yet somehow I kept it together and managed to talk him down, advise him it would be best to close the trunk and go home in his car to seek legal advice on the phone rather than let this get out of hand.

Fortunately the guy relented and left for home. I pulled myself together and went back to my desk and do you know what? The big boss didn’t even thank me for doing what I had done. He simply ignored the situation and went back to being an arse.

You live and learn though….

Anyway, it was during this period of my life that I met my son’s mother and we started to co-habit locally to where my work was. This meant that I was only 1 mile from work instead of 17 yet I would regularly arrive later than when I lived the farther distance away… Go figure… Anyway, not long after we started to live together I was informed that she was expecting my first and only child Fraser. To say I was shocked was an understatement but I went through the motions at work and managed to keep it all together whilst I got my head around the unexpected pregnancy that was going to change our lives for ever.

After a while, things went back to normal, I was selling cars and making good money, my immediate boss was happy with me and I was enjoying life awaiting the arrival of my child. However, the old misery in the ivory tower could let this go on so he worked out a way that he was able to fire me one month before the baby was due all because I was the man on duty when there was something stolen by an employee because I simply said I didn’t want to know about it, it was not my business.

What a great guy. A month before my child was due to be born and the old git decided to fire me for something I literally didn’t do. I was absolutely inconsolable to have lost the job that I had come to love. My immediate boss was completely gutted to have lost me and the rest of the dealership were in shock at the fact that it had happened all because some toerag had stolen something whilst I had been on duty.


So from then started a bit of a spiral.

I had lost the job I loved but I soon found another.

Being a father to a newborn baby with a very lazy partner/mother so it was accepted that I did most things for our child, unless of course she had “fallen out” with me and was sleeping in the spare room with the child and not letting me near him.

Ridiculous but it was the start of many years to come where my child was used as a weapon against me but then that’s what certain people do I suppose so I won’t bleat about it here…. No, I got on with life, I got a job as a taxi driver, then a computer salesman, then an insurance salesman and then we separated.

She got mine and I got the shaft.

So I ended up sleeping on a camp bed in a friends front room for the next four months. Always at odds with Fraser’s mother about when I was going to see him, how much money she wanted, how I was a no good bum of a man who did nothing for his child…. etc etc, you know the kind of stuff I’m sure.
Obviously this couldn’t continue forever and during a little respite from her bile and hatred, I took quick a trip around the world.

Maybe you come back for part 4 and I will tell you all about that eh?

‘Till tomorrow

Stay out of the fridge.


24 thoughts on “Looking Back Over My Shoulder Pt3

  1. New Journey says:

    A curmudgeon…I love it…I can even picture him…I love the way you summed it up….bummer about the bitch who caused you so much heart ache….I look forward to the next installment…..happy weekend my friend…kat

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Plasticity of the human soul. I like that. Not sure what it means but I do like it for sure!!!
      I have had a great deal of life experiences and I honestly think each one has led me to be the much more rounded person that I am today. I am positive that due to the people I have met, worked and mixed with over the years, I understand much more readily the issues faced by many in today’s world.

      Liked by 1 person

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