After Writing 194 Articles Our Health Problems Only Continue To Worsen

Hi Guys and thanks for tuning in to an impromptu post here on Planet Magnet.

I start this week early by helping out a fellow blogger in his mission to get the message across that we all need to be mindful of the health and welfare of others.

Last week he posted
“After Writing 194 Articles Our Health Problems Only Continue To Worsen”

This was taken very seriously by many of us and in my own little way I am keen to help and hoping that a re-blog on my site will increase the size of the audience we want to get the message out to.

So here we go, written by Jonathan or JNCTHEDC over at “All About Healthy Choices” I give you a very important post and I ask you ALL to follow the link and read the post for yourselves as it is of much importance that we ALL digest the message and understand the issues that the world faces.

Thank you in advance for your help in this and I shall be back as ever with a tasty recipe the next time you visit…

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge….

All About Healthy Choices

shutterstock204503749I just realized that I’ve published 194 articles on various health care topics over the last year. I have spent many hours critically evaluating the content and the delivery of each and every message. The information is crucial for so many people living lifestyles that deprive themselves good health and the chance to experience real happiness. Why does it seem like those individuals with the greatest needs are the least willing to participate to improve the quality of their lives? We point our fingers and blame the pharmaceutical companies, the doctors and their rushed office visits, the cost of health care, the cost of good nutrition, our limited time to provide for our own health care needs, and the list goes on…..

1541558Pointing our fingers and blaming the world gives us permission to withdraw from participating in improving our lives. It helps us justify the phrase, “WHY BOTHER?” You see…

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Up And At ‘Em……

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

I trust you have been enjoying your weekend and are suitably rested going into the day of rest.

I know that I am. After yesterday’s busy day of pottering about, I am all set to go and collect a friend of mine to help out with some work at the house I am helping my pal with. As time has gone by it has proven that the thought of decorating the Hall, Stairs and Landing on our own is proving just a little too daunting so we have had to call in the experts.

To that end I find I am amazed that I have gotten myself up at 05:30 on a Sunday morning so that I might write something and post it before I leave to collect Pete the Painter to help with our busy day of filling, sanding and painting. And I managed to wake without the aid of an alarm clock.

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