The Final Challenge Day – Day Seven…..

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

A final salute to my video challenge so with no further ado….

Day Seven.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

24 thoughts on “The Final Challenge Day – Day Seven…..

  1. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy says:

    Out of curiosity, can you tell whether the videos are bringing new people to the blog? I can’t really tell, but I always feel like people who watch the videos are not necessarily the people who regularly visit the blog. Of course, I haven’t actually looked at the numbers on this, it’s just a general feeling I get from the comments and numbers of views on the videos.

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  2. jncthedc says:

    Video challenge; another thing off the check list. It was a nice diversion from just reading from your site. Hope you had fun with it as well.
    Get that body of yours healthy! You don’t have time to be sick! 🙂 Be well.

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  3. sleeveforme22 says:

    I enjoyed the video challenge. I often read my WordPress in the morning, so everyone is sleeping and I don’t normally watch video messages and blogs, but I made a point of watching yours at a time when it would wake the house. Thanks for sharing your achievements and days with us!

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  4. fattymccupcakes says:

    I think you should video blog once a week! It’s been a nice change, although I have always enjoyed your writing. Pretty much I just admire anyone who has the guts to film themselves. So, with that, I’ll be looking forward to your continued blogging and hoping you’ll video blog once a week-ish 😊👏

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