Day Six. The Weekend Challenge.

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

Today is the start of the weekend and by the time you read this I will already have been out on my bicycle, poor health be damned….

Last night I took the opportunity to go for a walk with the dog because the night was light and the weather was fine. It is still cold over here at the moment but at least the sun is shining and the rain has stopped so for that I am thankful.

SO here without further ado is a short video of Archie and I at the local park with the ball. And boy does my dog like the ball….

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

20 thoughts on “Day Six. The Weekend Challenge.

  1. jncthedc says:

    Archie is one cute pup!
    Feel better. Get some rest. Don’t get frustrated with the charity event. It will happen and impact the world the way it is meant to be. Give it your best and recognize the value your efforts bring to this world. We certainly don’t want STRESS to be a factor impeding your good health. Stay well, Magnet!

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  2. New Journey says:

    great park…and little Archie and his ball…my dog loves her Frisbee…..bur with her old hip dysplasia we don’t throw it for anymore…just kind a let it plop by us….she doesn’t care its her best friend…loving the videos…kathy

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