Easter Egg Anxiety….

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet!

It is Easter Sunday!

Relax and take a load off!

Unless of course you are in the frame for providing the big lunch and get together for everyone else…

No, if that’s the case, start panicking and get the stress head ready because after all, when the shops are closed, it is the very day you actually need something….. 😉

As for me, I have been invited to a friends for lunch. I have not met any of the other people going so as ever my anxiety is getting a little unwelcome outing but I shall try to keep that at bay, put my head above the parapet and get on with it.

What is strange is that now matter how far I feel I have come over the past year, at the drop of a hat (or invite to be precise) I can still feel like this.


But it is anxious over the silliest of things.

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