One Lump Or Two?

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. Today sees me on day two of the Bank Holiday weekend and travelling to IKEA as I write this whilst sat on a motorway in the back of a friends car which in the UK is where we spend most Bank Holidays attempting travel on gridlocked roads trying to get to destinations we deem nicer than where we live (IKEA not withstanding) so we might enjoy ourselves more than sitting at home watching the rain fall endlessly from grey skies.

Yes my friends that is a Bank Holiday.

At least here in this country it is….

But then there was always a saving grace about wet cold weekends. They allowed me to indulge in one of the few guilty pleasures I have left in my relatively tame new life.

A triple shot medium Latte.

That was until this morning.

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