Better The Gym Than The Insulin….

Good morning word and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. I hope today finds you well and ready for the long weekend as we continue to count down the days to Good Friday and the Bank Holiday!!!!

Today I bring you a post that is taken directly from the BBC website having been written by their Health Correspondent Nick Triggle. It discusses the possibility of giving us mere mortals 13 sessions of gym exercise and healthy living training in a bid to save some of the millions spent each year on Diabetes Medication.

“People in England at risk of type-2 diabetes are to be offered healthy-lifestyle support by the NHS to help them prevent the condition developing.

The new national programme will be launched this spring, with the aim of helping 20,000 people this year.

Patients will be offered 13 sessions focusing on exercise, education and lifestyle changes.

GPs are being asked to identify the people who would benefit the most from the programme.

This will be done through blood-glucose testing and monitoring for signs of pre-diabetes.

While type-1 diabetes cannot be prevented and is not linked to lifestyle, type-2 often is.

The programme will be available in 27 areas, covering half the country, to start with and involve support such as supervised gym sessions.

The rest of England will follow by 2020, when there will be 100,000 places available.

There are currently 2.6 million people with type-2 diabetes in England, with 200,000 new diagnoses every year.

NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens said the scheme would reduce hospital admissions, prevent strokes and the complications of diabetes, such as amputations.

“By offering targeted support for at-risk individuals, the NHS is now playing its part in the wider campaign against obesity, which is already costing the country more than we spend on the police and fire service combined,” he said.

Diabetes UK chief executive Chris Askew said the programme should prove significant for many people at risk of diabetes.

“This will provide them with the best possible chance of reducing their risk of developing diabetes and living a long full healthier life,” he said.

The cost of the programme is £7m this year – but that is being set against the £10bn annual spend on diabetes care.

Public Health England chief executive Duncan Selbie added: “Type-2 diabetes is one of the biggest health challenges of our time.”

Dr Maureen Baker, of the Royal College of GP’s, welcomed the scheme.

But she warned: “The long-term behaviour change we need to see is hard to inspire.””

Quite something. I recall that they “kind of” did this for me prior to my surgery. We had to go to help groups to learn about healthy living and life although there was no exercise offered with it which is probably just as well because I could barely walk back then let alone exercise!!

I firmly believe that this is an issue that requires much more thinking but as a start, well all I can say is “it is one”. That is about all because once again they put the onus onto people who are in most cases unable to recognise the need for themselves to change their eating habits because their eating habits are usually so much more than a habit.

But then hey, at least they are trying something and even if it is like sticking an Elastoplast on a carbuncle, it makes the powers that be look like they are involved and trying when really and truly what they need is for people who have been here to be approached and asked for their honest opinion as to what would work because trust me, unless you have experienced the “illness” you cannot really understand if the “cure” you propose is a suitable one.

‘Till tomorrow.

Stay out of the fridge.

21 thoughts on “Better The Gym Than The Insulin….

  1. New Journey says:

    good post my friend….diabetes is very real in our family…I had aunts on both sides that were afflicted with the disease…so with my weight and family genes my MD pointed out she was surprised I didn’t have it…infact while I was in the hospital waiting to go to surgery the anesthesiologist swore I was a diabetic…he said I was so over weight there was no way I couldn’t, lets say his bedside manner left little to be desired, he refused to put me under until I had a blood test, well my blood sugar was in the low normal….he was baffled…dumb ass….my MD aid she thinks the only reason I hadn’t contracted the disease was my healthy eating habits….over weight and being told I have healthy eating habits…isn’t that an oxy-moron…LOL anyway you can gain weigh no matter what you put in your mouth…even healthy food….and don’t get me wrong I haven’t always eaten healthy, breads/pastries were my downfall…but I am trying to get my blood test back to the normal side…I am in the low reading off bad #’s for diabetes….another reason to loose weight and get back to eating healthy and normal helpings…..well certainly got my brain going this morning….thanks I can never be reminded enough of what could happen….but glad to hear that your country in helping those with the financial side of the expensive disease!!! Preventive is what its all about!!! Hope you having a great hump day!!!! kat

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  2. White House Red Door says:

    Excellent post! Good information to share, and your thoughts about the individual “wanting” to change are spot on. That said, it’s so nice that your government is putting these supports in place. Definitely a step in the right direction!

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  3. jncthedc says:

    The concept sounds wonderful. A health care system identifying and addressing health issues BEFORE the damaging effects of disease take place. I agree with you and Dr. Baker regarding the importance (and difficulty) in addressing the psychosocial component. Information, knowledge and application is certainly important in restoring health to the body, however, without a proper mental attitude the objective becomes difficult to attain. Answering one very important question can sometimes make all the difference in the world. The question is, “WHY?” Why does a person want to change their current lifestyle. The person truly ready for change will answer this question in a positive manner rather than a negative one. For example, they will say something like, “I value my health and life and want to experience increased vitality.” They will NOT say, “I don’t want to get sick and have to take insulin for the rest of my life.” Avoidance is not nearly as motivating a concept as growth, development and prosperity.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      I agree absolutely 100% Jonathan. The person HAS to want it. Unfortunately A LOT of patients will simply go through the motions because they see it as “keeping the peace”
      As I said, there must be incentive because unfortunately to a great deal of people in this position the simple fact that they lose weight and become healthy does not appeal as many like their life the way it is. They are reclusive and brain washed into thinking it is what they are so it is what they must always be.
      We need to change minds before we change waistlines.

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