Only Believe 50% Of What You See….

And NOTHING of what you read or hear….*

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. Well it is nearly here… your favourite time…. the end of the week….!


A bit much?

Yes I suppose so, but then you needn’t believe the hype and you needn’t believe the words I write. That is the beauty of being able to think for ourselves instead of taking on board all of the sanitised and proofed for public consumption “garbage” that we are force fed from every single part of our busy modern lives.

Yet that is what we are constantly and literally fed on a daily basis. I’m not talking about the daily news (we will never be able to change the fact that it is all sensationalised or covered up depending on how powerful someone is) no, I’m talking about health and fitness.

Read some magazines and they would have you believe that if you simply add a pill to your daily diet the weight will drop off. Others might tell you that you need only walk up the stairs a couple of extra times a day and boy, it will feel like a marathon has been run. Well certainly it is horses for courses and I wouldn’t expect someone who is just starting out on their weight loss journey to be able to match the fitness levels I currentlyhave (yet I am far far away from the fitness of some of my friends) however people must understand that I have reached this level by pushing myself. Sure walk up the stairs twice a day but as soon as you can do that, change it to four times a days because only by pushing ourselves can we honestly improve.

We must also be willing to acknowledge our failings and allow ourselves to recover from them. Earlier this week I admitted that I had been found wanting where my diet was concerned. It had taken a while but after significant stalling on the scale I knew I had to do something. I dare say the only reason I was able to maintain my weight was because of my exercise regime and the fact that I am on the go all day long otherwise I most certainly would have been aging the pounds…

I suppose what I am saying is please just don’t believe the hype. If you want something it will take effort on your behalf no matter how many great new invention pills you buy. If you want to lose weight it is a simple thing of getting your head in the right space, starting to love yourself a little more each day and then putting yourself first by actively watching what you eat and ensuring that you exercise. Don’t forget though, exercise isn’t only found at the gym (certainly it helps the much fitter people who walk among us mere mortals to push themselves harder so they too can improve) no, it can be found walking home from the grocery store with a bag in each hand taking the route with the most hills on the way. It can be found vacuuming the house, cleaning the bathroom, cutting the lawn etc etc.

All we need do is burn more than we consume and things will change. I know that is the most basic of rules but it applies to nearly all of us. Change your life, love yourself and get healthy. Even if you don’t know where to start, sit down and THINK about it. Make a plan with YOURSELF and keep that plan private. Reward yourself when you have achieved (but don’t award more than you have lost) and I guarantee that after a month (that is only 30 days) your life will have changed out of all recognition. Just because you want that sandwich now, that cookie now, that sugary rush now, don’t capitulate because that is just a bad habit telling you it has to be eaten because it most certainly is not needed as fuel for survival.

So let’s hope that this time next month we are all on our way to a healthier us through hard work and effort because believe me guys, it is what success is really built on, not easily achieved physical effort, not superfoods and definitely NOT magic pills.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

*Edgar Allen Poe

28 thoughts on “Only Believe 50% Of What You See….

  1. merewoman says:

    Thank you for your wise words, oh Great Fridge Magnet. There is no magic solution. Weight loss does take effort. It comes down to deciding for ourselves whether we are worth making that effort.

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  2. sleeveforme22 says:

    Agree 100%. I had an employee who took some new diet pill a few years ago and I had to call an ambulance for her because her heart was all out of whack. The only way to lose weight is to eat less calories than you burn on a daily basis. There is no magic pill – I would have found it by now! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. thelonelyauthorblog says:

    Agreed. It is amazing how people are desperate for any easy way to weight loss. Pills here and shakes there, anything but dreaded exercise. People need to face the facts, there is no easy way. And don’t worry, if you step away fom your diet on occasion, we all deserve a little treat. Life is too short to deny ourselves. Be proud of what you have accomplished, but always remember there is more to be done. Be well my friend.

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  4. fattymccupcakes says:

    Great post! So true that weight loss takes much more than a “magic” pill. There is no easy or quick fix, because it usually more to do with your mental state (obsessive eating, unhealthy relationships with food, etc.).

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  5. jncthedc says:

    Those words came from the heart. Experience has taught you much, my friend. Keep up the positive mental attitude and make certain you find enjoyment in every day. Until tomorrow, keep smiling.

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  6. New Journey says:

    great post my friend….love you words of wisdom…and to know that your love was poured into this post…it speaks about your experience and nails the truth….move more eat less….can’t believe any of the garbage we read…take a pill, wrap the saran wrap around yourself…all the hype to get your money….you can buy all the books in the world on health, but unless your willing to put in the work…its just not going to work….good post….have a fantastic weekend…kat

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