Only Believe 50% Of What You See….

And NOTHING of what you read or hear….*

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. Well it is nearly here… your favourite time…. the end of the week….!


A bit much?

Yes I suppose so, but then you needn’t believe the hype and you needn’t believe the words I write. That is the beauty of being able to think for ourselves instead of taking on board all of the sanitised and proofed for public consumption “garbage” that we are force fed from every single part of our busy modern lives.

Yet that is what we are constantly and literally fed on a daily basis. I’m not talking about the daily news (we will never be able to change the fact that it is all sensationalised or covered up depending on how powerful someone is) no, I’m talking about health and fitness.

Read some magazines and they would have you believe that if you simply add a pill to your daily diet the weight will drop off. Others might tell you that you need only walk up the stairs a couple of extra times a day and boy, it will feel like a marathon has been run. Well certainly it is horses for courses and I wouldn’t expect someone who is just starting out on their weight loss journey to be able to match the fitness levels I currentlyhave (yet I am far far away from the fitness of some of my friends) however people must understand that I have reached this level by pushing myself. Sure walk up the stairs twice a day but as soon as you can do that, change it to four times a days because only by pushing ourselves can we honestly improve.

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