Looking Back Over My Shoulder Pt2

Good morning friends and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. As many of you may have guessed it’s the hump day of Β Wednesday (do you know I had no idea what a hump day was until I started blogging….) and this hump day brings you yet more stories from my past life.

However, if you missed the first instalment, fear not because all you need do is follow the link and all will be caught up – Looking Back Over My Shoulder Pt1

So where did we get to last time?

Well I think I had just finished my extremely short foray into Estate Agency…..

So now I have to try to remember where I went next and when you have covered as many posts as I have, it can all get a trifle confusing.

So, last week I left you as I drove off into the sunset in my Volkswagen Derby. There were still plenty of jobs available so I didn’t worry particularly but I recall being annoyed at having my time wasted, being put on training courses, having them invest time and money into me and my career as an Estate Agent only to find that I was let go at the first sign of trouble in the market.

Still onward and upward. Calls were placed to recruitment consultants, C.V’s faxed and posted after all, this was the late 1980’s guys and if you think the technology was bad, you never saw the padded shoulders…. πŸ˜‰ Pretty soon if memory serves me correct, I was set up with a job at an oil company where I was required to put letters in envelopes.

That was all.

Letter’s in envelopes.

I would arrive at the office at 8.29am just in time to start putting letters in envelopes at 8.30am.

Important work like that needed dedication.

So much dedication that I left after two days and got myself a temping job as a Pig Farm Hand.

The BEST job I have EVER had to this day.

Outside in the crisp October air, surrounded by wildlife and pigs ranging from new born piglets to “ready for slaughter” adults, I have never had such an enjoyable job in my life. I got to ride on the tractor, I got to ride on the Quad Bike, I even got to drive the Lada Riva farm car around the perimeter of the farm. There was not one day that didn’t go by that I wasn’t a happy boy. I suppose the fact that the three weeks I worked there were freakishly sunny and dry probably helped though because mark my words, if it had been raining and I had been in mud up to my waist all of the time, I may have remembered it as a different experience all together!!

So this lasted only three weeks and I was then back in the ranks of the white collar worker bees having snagged myself an external sales position at the well know and highly regarded GKN Chep.


GKN Chep.


G – K – N Chep, the ones with the blue pallets?

Nah, still nothing…..

Well they told me they were a massive company…! Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds – Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool. They’re a huge outfit in fact the biggest suppliers of blue pallets in Europe, oh and blue racking, you must know the blue racking……?

That was pretty much how all of my conversations went when I talked about them to absolutely anyone. It turns out that yes although they were a massive company they were certainly not a household name so cold calling on industrial estates five days per week began to get a little tedious even if the company car was a new Vauxhall Cavalier and the pay wasn’t so bad for a 20 year old lad…..
Inevitably I left. I handed in my car and fuel card at the Bristol office after about 6 months and I took a train back home to where my new company car was waiting for me complete with a new job as an external salesman with a builders merchants by the name of Graham Builders.

Good old Graham Builders Merchants.

Now this was a job I found fairly easy. I fitted in to the local office straight away and began to learn my trade in no time was posting some fairly good numbers and working my way up the sales ladder. I started at the Abingdon branch (about 8 miles from home) but pretty soon was noticed by a decent Sales Manager at the Reading branch (about 20 miles from home) and was asked to go to work for him. Grabbing the chance at working in a bigger and busier office I excelled and pretty soon was part of the furniture spending most of my days taking builders out for games of golf and more games of golf and my nights taking builders out for great nights out and more great nights out. To be fair it wasn’t really my cup of tea but we went to all fancy golf clubs, fancy bars, international football matches, excellent restaurants… the list really was an impressive one.

It was entertainment pure and simple.

And then the house building market crashed which I suppose was inevitable after the used house market going pop the year before.

And theΒ  firms went bust.

And I found myself having to work again (you know, properly, like EVERY day….!)

Which didn’t go down too well with my relaxed frame of mind…. πŸ˜‰

But in the end, it was all gravy as they say… Everything worked out well. I left the Builders Merchants and got myself started on a career working in the industry I loved and doing a job I loved.

I got my start in Car Sales….

BUT, to learn about that, you will have to come back next week for part three….

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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