Looking Back Over My Shoulder Pt2

Good morning friends and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. As many of you may have guessed it’s the hump day of ¬†Wednesday (do you know I had no idea what a hump day was until I started blogging….) and this hump day brings you yet more stories from my past life.

However, if you missed the first instalment, fear not because all you need do is follow the link and all will be caught up – Looking Back Over My Shoulder Pt1

So where did we get to last time?

Well I think I had just finished my extremely short foray into Estate Agency…..

So now I have to try to remember where I went next and when you have covered as many posts as I have, it can all get a trifle confusing.

So, last week I left you as I drove off into the sunset in my Volkswagen Derby. There were still plenty of jobs available so I didn’t worry particularly but I recall being annoyed at having my time wasted, being put on training courses, having them invest time and money into me and my career as an Estate Agent only to find that I was let go at the first sign of trouble in the market.

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