Well That’s A Year Down…

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. I hope you are feeling well and ready to meet the day and the week ahead. Monday is a great opportunity to set your goals in motion, to start all of the things that you said you would “when Monday comes”

You know, like dieting…

Well, we have all said it.

We have all thought it.

And we have all failed because this:


Soon turns into this:


Because we as a breed of people will do anything to escape the hardship of not having what we want. We will postpone, we will excuse, we will procrastinate and we will cheat because we think NO ONE is looking.

To be honest they probably aren’t.

However, lets face it, the only one we let down is our own self so why should anyone else really care.

After all.

They aren’t the one that has to face us in the mirror. They aren’t the one that has to come home on a Monday evening knowing that because we have eaten poorly at lunch and stopped for a fast food meal after work that our diet never made it past that smoothie we had for breakfast.

They aren’t the one wasting £50 per month on a gym membership that is not being used. They aren’t the one who still can’t run for that bus. They aren’t the one who can’t sit still on a cool day without perspiring. They aren’t the one who is unable to walk to the shops to pick up some groceries because their legs simply won’t carry them.

No, WE are.

We are the ones who suffer with eating high sugar, high carb, high fat foods just to sate some desire in order to crush some kind of issue that has been following us for years.

We are the ones who cannot bear to look ourselves in the mirror because WE are the ones that fail, NOT them.

We carry the burden.

We carry the shame.

But WE can make the change.

Did you know a year ago yesterday I had my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy weight loss operation. Friday March 13th 2015.

In that time I have lost 116lbs, 53kgs, 8stone 4lbs.

Yes it is a achievement but I have to confess (and it wasn’t until I had a conversation with my mother yesterday that I realised this) I am starting to slip back into my bad old ways. No, I am not eating take away’s or having Pizza’s delivered. No I am not eating processed foods or having chips (fries) with everything.


I am starting to allow biscuits and chocolate back into my diet and I don’t like it.

Years ago I would have said this:


But fortunately I don’t actually have junk food in the house (or any that I did have is now long gone) so I have no excuse to leave it until a specific day. I simply have to acknowledge the fact I have “let my halo slip” a little and that I am to get back on the straight and narrow.

After all, if I don’t what was is the point of reaching the magnificent goal of being a year out of surgery and being considerably smaller and fitter than I have been in many years if all I do is delay that fact that I have a problem until the coming Monday because of all manner of silly reasons.

That is no way to be an inspiration, no way to be a role model and most of all, no way to LIVE MY LIFE.

My name is Cameron. I am a year out of surgery and because I am not infallible I don’t deserve a fanfare or congratulations for today, no I need to resume my healthy lifestyle once more and I need to do it right away and prove once more that if I can do it, then so can you…

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.


42 thoughts on “Well That’s A Year Down…

  1. Lynz Real Cooking says:

    Thanks for being real Cameron! It is so easy to slip back into old habits and we all do it! it is nice to hear you admit that and say hey I need to get back to it! I have been making excuses, eating candy and so I really liked hearing your honesty! I used to be so very careful now it’s as if noone can see not even me!

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  2. poshbirdy says:

    Watch out for those biscuits. My sister in law is on WWs and she gave me this recipe for simple healthy guilt-free cookies:
    Mash one banana with 20g porridge oats and a small handful of blueberries or similar. You can add cinnamon or mixed spice if you like. Make 3 dollops onto greaseproof paper. Bake 30 mins or until they are cookie-ish. That’ll curb the munchies and do you good. Don’t lose your way

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  3. jncthedc says:

    An important post because it emphasizes the need for a LIFE TIME of watching our actions. The key difference between getting healthy and getting thin, is recognizing only one of these concepts requires a life long commitment. Getting thin ends with a mirror and a weight scale; getting healthy is an ongoing process that only ends with the end of life.
    Food is addictive and needs to be recognized as a potentially dangerous source of health problems. It is also a source of temporary emotional satisfaction for many people. People must be shown the real dangers that “food like substances” cause in a manner that instills fear from its outcome. Food, today, doesn’t have this impact.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Very true Doc, very true. A permanent battle with food is a strong way for me to describe it but it requires continual mindfulness and consideration. Yes I have allowed it to drop off but that has to stop so why not now and not munyana. It is the only way to do so in order to get control back.

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  4. fattymccupcakes says:

    Friend, I know exactly how hard this is. Exactly. It is ALL mental. I find myself slipping after I had a bad day or I am stressed. When I remind myself WHY I am working so hard to be healthier it makes it easier to get back on track. You are a human being. We are practically built to be flawed, to make mistakes. The fact that you recognized that you have slipped a bit is a very powerful thing. Also, does your eating plan not allow for a treat here and there, or can you not allow any of that? I have found that super restrictive diets just do not work for me. I HAVE to allow myself a controlled treat here and there. I have found a lot of success with Weight Watchers. It allows me to eat really anything I want within moderation. If you haven’t looked into it, I would. At the very least, record what you eat. It is the one thing that keeps me in line and in control. It has saved my health more times than I can count. You can do it! At the end of the day, remember you are human and you will not be perfect 100% of the time.

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  5. New Journey says:

    Fooooooeeeeee on that….fan fare is what you deserve….116# whooo hoooo what a wonderful accomplishment…..your human, we are challenged every day of the year, some days are better than others, its not about what you did, its about what you after and I think your doing fabulous…you saw the chocolate and biscuits for what it was…said no more and are moving on again….but congrats on what you have done over the year…you are truly a model for all of us to follow…..one more time….whoooo hoooo for you my Scotsman!!!! my sunhat is off too you!!! kat

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