Stop The Press!

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet! I am afraid that today is once again a little later than usual but the reason for this is due to the fact there was something going on this afternoon and I want to share it with you all….

Today was my first interview with a journalist from the Newsquest Media Group. These guys follow local stories so we figured it a good place to start and get the traction going with some well placed words etc etc

So with that as my goal for the day, I duly put on my walking kit and made my way up to the Ridgeway to be photographed and interviewed…..

Where everything changed as per usual because there was no reporter. The guy bringing the car to put in the background was sitting about 10 miles away at completely the wrong place and the only people that made were myself, Archie the Dog and Lisa from the TFD Gym! Oh, and the photographer this time….! (He managed to find his way there today….)

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