There’s Life In The Old Dog Yet

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. Firstly I must start with a show of thanks for all of my kind birthday wishes yesterday, you are all very sweet to have acknowledged the Magnets birthday and for that I thank you.

Yesterday turned out to be a very enjoyable day even if it was a trifle busy. I started off with a good walk with Archie the Dog and although we didn’t make it to the Ridgeway we certainly put in some quick mileage which I enjoyed very much indeed even if I was two minutes 30 seconds off of my pace. I managed to walk just over 7 miles in just over two hours. I think I may have been quicker had Archie been more in the mood for moving at my pace but to be fair he did very well indeed.

So below we have the first screenshot of this year to show you what I managed to achieve. I know I have a long way to go still because today I am very tired and although I plan to go to the gym, it doesn’t feel like it will be as energetic a session as I might have hoped. Still that is what training programs are for I suppose… 😉


As some of you may know I was due to be meeting the reporter and photographer in the afternoon but at about 1pm I received a phone call telling me that the photographer had gone awol and could not be contacted. This obviously meant we had to reschedule which to be fair was better for me on two levels. Firstly it gave me a little more time with mum for lunch meaning I didn’t have to rush to meet the journalist and then rush to my meeting at Waitrose and secondly it meant that the Gym can be represented properly because yesterday no-one was free to come and be photographed and that just seems like a missed opportunity.

After lunch we (the support team and myself) had a meeting with Steve Tuddenham from Waitrose in Wantage. This was a very productive get together that gave us some excellent ideas and feedback from the local supermarket where I worked as a schoolboy some 32 years ago. We discussed the possibilities of the supermarket providing lunch for the walkers at a specific local stop point, we discussed them providing water and fruit for the children who walk with me but most amazingly we discussed the possibility of the Waitrose Magazine covering my story giving us another angle for publicity. This pretty much blew me away that this guy was willing to invest in me and this story to such an extent and it is starting to make things feel a little more real.

So thats where we are to date. Things are moving along nicely. I am just off to walk the dog and try to relive the leaden feeling in my legs after which I shall go to the gym and try a weight session.

So onwards and upwards or to infinity and beyond….

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge

P.S I have just had an email from MINI GB. They are very keen to get involved with event as I have said but now things have been moved forward by virtue of the fact other departments have been notified and fingers crossed there should be a decision coming soon….

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