Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me….

Happy Birthday Dear Magnet, Happy Birthday to me!!

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to Planet Magnet on the day he celebrates his 48th birthday. Amazing when you consider he only looks a day over 47 😉

Just as well Warner Music are no longer allowed to charge for using those lyrics otherwise I could be down by almost £1000 going on what they have charged other well wishers in the past…. 😉

So anyway, yes today is my birthday so shall I put my feet up and relax, take a day to myself, go to the pub, treat myself to some new stuff on a shopping trip….? Nah! I’ve got much better things to do than that….!

I am going to be busy for the entire day.

First thing I shall be collecting my little mate Archie and taking him out for a few miles training up to the Ridgeway, then I shall go to collect my dear mother as I am to be taken out to lunch to one of my favourite local Gastro Pubs – The Boars Head in Ardington.

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