Young Make Feel So Young….Tasty Tuesday On The First Day Of Spring

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning and welcome to the first day of spring here on Planet Magnet! Well to be fair it is also the first day of spring here on planet earth but because the sun doesn’t have his hat on this morning I have to say that it is a little harder to get into the FULL springtime swing but I shall try starting with a recipe that mixes a bit of warm with a little lightness and LOTS of health.

So what is it that I am going prepare for you today?

Well as already stated there is lots of health and warmth to which we will add plenty of flavour and serve you up Spicy Chicken Breast with Crispy Skin Jacket Potato.

Now this recipe is based on an idea sent to my by my very good blogging friend Ed Mooney. Ed is a great blogger who writes about being a Ruin Hunter in Ireland. He takes pictures of the places he visits (most excellent pictures by the way) and gives an in-depth background to each ruin he features. I thoroughly recommend checking his site out at Ed Mooney Photography if only to thank him for the inspiration of this recipe….because boy is it good…..!

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