Well It’s Looking Like It Might Just Work….

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on…. Hold on, it’s not just ANY day, it’s Sunday! The weekend’s relaxing day is HERE! Time to throw off the chains of the week and get relaxing! Now personally, I have things to do as I need to help my friend with her house but I don’t mind at all because after my surprise trip to the theatre on Friday night I am good to go! Yes thats right, you heard me, I was taken to the theatre as a surprise. It was an early birthday present and a thank you for all of my help so far. We went to the Oxford Playhouse and watched a modern day Shakespeare styled play about Prince Charles becoming King. Very witty and very machiavellian so right up Shakespeare’s alley for sure!

You will be pleased to know that yesterday I went out for a walk and managed a good nine miles in just over three hours so that was pleasing to accomplish. I am most definitely a bit behind where I was before the Christmas break but not too far off. I still have the stamina to walk although it needs increasing. I was regularly walking at four miles per hour and that gave me room to breath at that speed however yesterday I found that slipped to an average of three miles per hour and although not out of breath found that my muscles were happy moving at that speed and not any quicker.

I had actually tracked the entire walk but unfortunately with about three miles to go the phone packed up which is just as well because with tiring legs and a flagging dog I could have easily called someone to collect me to save me from the final leg home! This meant no phone calls, no music and no screenshots of how well I did on my walk. To be fair, the first two I am not that bothered about but the last one I am a little gutted about because I would have liked to have brought you a summary of how I got on.
Still, there are 14 weeks before the big day so I will have plenty of time to prepare….

Anyway, back to today and I would like to share with you my findings from Thursday and Friday when I spent the bulk of the day dealing with charity work and sponsorship trying to raise awareness on the walk and along with it, my profile of sorts.

Well I am amazed at how well received my story was. Mind you, with the child obesity (HENRY), the morbidly obese (me), the bariatric surgery (me), weight loss (me), sensible eating, healthy foods and healthy cooking, walking for charity, zero to hero etc, etc the list of angles goes on, I was so well received I could not believe it.
The only two contacts that didn’t really appear to be that bothered were Casio and Go Outdoors. The former isn’t really an issue as I think Garmin or Tom Tom (GPS and Satellite based wearable tech) would be a better fit for a long distance walk, but the latter is quite a shame as I need to spend so much on clothing and walking accessories, tents and sleeping kit that I am afraid it may just break me (but if you guys can help with a donation to go fund me, well that would be awesome!)
Anyway, I am hoping I can come up with a solution to this issue. Maybe they will change their minds once they have read a copy of my email outlining the event, asking the simple question of them being able to support the event and if so, how. If not then I may have to raise extra funds separate to the charities coffers otherwise this entire event will end up costing me a huge amount.
To that end, any other ideas on this will be well received….

I did have several other fantastic calls however, below are a few of the many I made

Countryfile: (a very rural biased publication) To be greeted warmly and told that my story would most definitely be something they would be interested in and that their partner TV show would also be very keen in discussing the journeys that I am making when I walk Britain’s oldest road and it’s second oldest fortified wall. This is amazing news as the Countryfile program has a very high viewing rate so that will only serve to get my story out to as many people as I can. So that may well end up a 2 for 1 with double exposure on two different mediums.

MINI GB: The car manufacturer MINI is very local to me and is based at the site where I actually did my engineering apprenticeship. Add this fact to my story and the fact that Dick Lovett BMW Mini are hopefully going to lend me a couple of Mini’s as support cars then I am quite tied in to the brand.
After speaking to the P.R guy we agreed that I would go away for a few days and have a think about how they might help. They do not have a budget to simply hand out cash but they are very keen to get involved in publicity or possibly another as yet undetermined way so any ideas here would be a bit handy for sure…!

Newsquest: The associated local papers group have already jumped on this and have asked to meet next week on the Ridgeway with me dressed in walking gear, a representative from Dick Lovett Motors Group handing me the keys to a sign written Mini and the owner of my gym TFD to be in attendance showing support so they might photograph and get the story started. Hopefully they will follow the entire southern part of the walk…..

Waitrose: This is a national chain of supermarkets and my local one in Wantage is the one where I always shop. I find the place friendly, clean and the staff very helpful so it is never an issue to go here (I also used to work here when the place wasKnowing that the company doesn’t actually have a marketing budget (they use a token system where the shop staff choose three charities a month and the customers choose where to put the money by “voting” with their tokens) I decided it best just to give the manager a call and boy was I surprised. The guy I spoke to explained that as the shop had been in the town for 42 years now and he was looking for a way to increase it’s involvement in the local community, lest it become stale and was only too happy to help, offering to support the event in whatever way he could. I go there today in order to have a chat and see how we might best take this enthusiasm forward so wish me luck!

Lily Camera’s: This is a new product and one I would love to borrow for the duration of the walk in order to film myself. It is a remote Drone Camera that is easy to use (suits me well then 😉 ) because all you do is turn it on, throw it in the air and it follows you because of a wrist worn tracking device. So simple and yet so brilliant! I Tweeted these guys and they asked me to contact their Partnership department giving me the private email to do so. Here’s hoping it is something that takes off – literally 😉

Country Walking Magazine: Another positive feedback so here’s hoping they might like to follow the journey. I had an initial conversation with the staff writer who told me they would be very interested so I was to send the information to the editor of the magazine. This only happened on Friday so hopefully she will be getting back to me very soon….

So there you go. Proof that there might be legs in this story yet and that people may well be interested enough to get involved. I have as you can imagine contacted MANY different parties and even had a VERY good conversation with someone from the Jamie Oliver Foundation who told me exactly who to write to and that they would DEFINITELY be interested in helping in some way. I may even decide to help the Jamie Oliver Foundation alongside HENRY so watch this space.

Anyway, I just thought I would bring you a quick update on what has happened so far and once again, ask if you haven’t donated yet, please donate today, whether it be to the Charity on my Just Giving page or to help fund my expenses on the Go Fund Me page I really do NOT mind 🙂

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.


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