Well It’s Looking Like It Might Just Work….

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on…. Hold on, it’s not just ANY day, it’s Sunday! The weekend’s relaxing day is HERE! Time to throw off the chains of the week and get relaxing! Now personally, I have things to do as I need to help my friend with her house but I don’t mind at all because after my surprise trip to the theatre on Friday┬ánight┬áI am good to go! Yes thats right, you heard me, I was taken to the theatre as a surprise. It was an early birthday present and a thank you for all of my help so far. We went to the Oxford Playhouse and watched a modern day Shakespeare styled play about Prince Charles becoming King. Very witty and very machiavellian so right up Shakespeare’s alley for sure!

You will be pleased to know that yesterday I went out for a walk and managed a good nine miles in just over three hours so that was pleasing to accomplish. I am most definitely a bit behind where I was before the Christmas break but not too far off. I still have the stamina to walk although it needs increasing. I was regularly walking at four miles per hour and that gave me room to breath at that speed however yesterday I found that slipped to an average of three miles per hour and although not out of breath found that my muscles were happy moving at that speed and not any quicker.

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