Go Fund Me….

A very quick post today guys as I am a little snowed under with all of this charity stuff so I am struggling to make sense of what I have one and what I still have to do. Know this though, regardless of done or to do, the list is long for both…!

The thing that has just hit me after spending £220 on some walking kit for my training walks is just how expensive it is going to be. Because of this I have had to take some action and after extensive searching I figure Go Fund Me might be the answer as I will need help from as many people as I can possibly get.

To that end I have decided to try out this go fund me page and see if I can raise something towards the £2000 I believe it will cost me to do this entire event with support.

Please take a look and if you think you may be able to spare a little cash then please do so and hopefully it will lighten my burden.

As ever guys, you people are amazing so I shall leave you to your own devices and the weekend.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge