The Magnet Interviews…. A Sleeved Lady

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to the final day of the working week here on Planet Magnet! I trust you are ready for the delights your weekend holds and are looking forward to meeting these delights with open arms and a welcome look on your face. Personally I have no idea what my weekend holds in store. I am sure there will be the requisite amount of painting and decorating, some “handy man” building jobs and no doubt some good eating but none of that matters today because this evening I am being taken out for a surprise!
Part of it is to say thank you for all of my efforts over the past few months and part of it is because it is my birthday next Thursday (thats the 3rd of March people….) however, regardless of which part is which I shall look forward to it because in all of my days I honestly do not recall ever being taken out on a surprise!
Well, I say that, maybe it has happened but I don’t remember, so therefore to my mind it doesn’t count 😉 however, I do know one thing for sure though, I am looking forward to this evening and plan to enjoy myself.

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