Tasty Tuesday- A Little Fry Up…

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. I hope today sees you enjoying the second day of the week and you are still coping with all of the challenges that the week throws at you.

To make our week that little bit more enjoyable I have decided to bring you a new recipe from my extensive arsenal of food designs. This one was created up by myself in it’s entirety (although I must confess to using a Lemongrass and Ginger paste as opposed to preparing them myself :-/ ) The Prawn Stir Fry was borne of me wandering around my local Waitrose trying to think of what to make whilst literally picking things up as I went. At the end I was left with these ingredients and thus I decided they would be perfect for a nice variation of my Hot Thai Prawn Noodle recipe.

So here we have it, the newest addition to the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet’s recipe section Prawn Thai Stir Fry…


  1. 200gms Noodle Cut Vegetable Stir Fry Mix – or noodle cut veggies from the garden…
  2. 350gms of Stir Fry Rice.
  3. 150gms Egg Noodles.
  4. 300gms King Prawns.
  5. Thai Stir Fry Herb Mix – 1 Teaspoon.
  6. Lemongrass and Ginger Paste.
  7. 1 Whole Chilli – finely chopped.

Now I know my picture shows a packet of Tenderstem Broccoli in it but when I came to putting this all together, I realised that the Broccoli would simply overdoing it so I save it for the next Tasty Tuesday dish I could the following night…!

Anyway, onwards….


First put some Coconut Oil in the pan and bring up to temperature.


Add the Thai Herbs to theΒ oil.


Then add the Prawns.


Whilst these have cook off a little and absorb the flavour of the herbs, finely chop the Chilli.


Then add to the pan.


Stirring in well before adding the Lemongrass and Ginger Paste.


Again mix the Paste in well. throughly coating the Prawns, prior to adding the Stir Fry Rice.


Once this has cooked a little and is well mixed in, add the Noodle Cut Vegetables.


Followed by the Tender Egg Noodles.


Mix in well and allow to cook.


Before serving on a warm plate with only a fork for company!


Eh, Voila!

Easy peasy, lemon squeezie….!

Incredibly healthy and packed full of nutrition so what are you waiting for? Get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans….

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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