An Interview With A Magnet…

Good morning world and thank you for tuning in to yet another day here on Planet Magnet. Today things are still looking bright and we even have the weekend to boot so it’s happy days all round….

If you recall on Saturday just gone I posted my intention of wishing to interview as many of you guys as I could, well today the day has come for me to share my own interview with the very same questions as I have asked some of you guys (those who sent me their email addresses), but if I’ve missed you out and you would like to answer these questions yourself, please just use these questions as I answer them and send me your answers in the comments, by my email or through the blog contact screen.

So without further ado, let us begin….!

This is the actual interview when Cameron from the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet actually met Cameron from the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet……

Are you usually late, early or right on time? – I think this one is pretty obvious to all of those who might know me. My mother reckons I will be late for my own funeral. Now, whenever she wants me to take her anywhere she always makes the leaving time at least 20 minutes before she really does need to leave. Enough said I think…

What are three positive things your friends would say about you? – I am helpful to a fault with a heart of gold. If I can do anything for someone I will. I am generous, patient and finally I am a completely different person since I have undergone all of this weight loss and really need to be told to sit still once in a while….

If you were a shape, what shape would you be? – I think I would be a square. Not as in boring (although some might say different….) but as in strong, stable and very much there.

If you were an animal, which one would best describe you? I would have always said a Silverback Gorilla or a Grizzly Bear but nowadays I would think of myself as more of a Labrador, big, reliable and friendly.

Why did you want to become a blogger? – I have to say that this decision was made for me by a reporter when she suggested I keep a blog of my weight loss. I started so quickly that I didn’t really have time to think about it and now it is second nature that I am not sure what I will do when I finally shut down this blog and start another….

What are your top three personal interests? – These would have to be Cars, Movies and Walking. As you know I love a nice long walk and plan top do 170 miles of it in the summer for the charity HENRY so am looking forward to that….
I really do like my movies, old ones and new ones, art house and foreign, comedy, thriller, drama and action. I am no movie snob though, I like what I like and to hell with the coolness although I must admit Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and Tornatore’s  Cinema Paradiso are two of my absolute favourite films….
As for cars, I have always been fascinated by them. I sold prestige brands such as Land Rover, Jaguar, SAAB and Lexus. I usually drive BMW as my brand of choice and I have owned many many old classic M.G’s, an old Jaguar E Type and several cars that at the time were awful but are now totally cool and worth SOOOO much more than they ever were when I owned them…

What do you do for a full time job? – I am currently just about to start a new business of being a Handy Man. My father always said I was a Handy Man, but only because I only lived around the corner 😉 Ideally however, I will one day be able to use all of the experience I am gaining with my weight loss journey, my blogging, my writing and my interviews and finally work in media.

What type of car do you drive? – A 2015 Model Year Mini Cooper S in Thunder Grey with a Black roof and chrome mirrors – cool or what!!

Where did you go on your last holiday? – It has been that long I cannot remember. The last time I went abroad was to the French ski resort of Val d’Isaire but that was to collect a Land Rover Discovery. The time before that was when I drove a van from my home town of Wantage to Morocco to collect a friend who lived there and wanted to move back.
So I drove there and collected him.
Before that it would have been again a few days visiting said friend in Morocco.
Thinking about it, I really do need a holiday!!!

What would you do if you were the one survivor in a plane crash? – Learn to like the taste of human flesh until I was rescued :-/

If you woke up and had 2,000 unread emails and could only answer 300 of them how would you choose which ones to answer? – This actually sounds like my life and I would NEVER be able to choose just 300…. I would have to know them all and answer or delete accordingly as I hate things being unanswered…!

What’s your favourite film? – I LOVE The Bourne Identity and all the James Bonds but I think it would have to be Kind Hearts and Coronets with Alec Guinness or School For Scoundrels  with Terry Thomas (La Dolce Vita and Cinema Paradiso are almost there…..)

What would your Desert Island Disc choices be? – A choice of eight records are allowed on D.I.D I believe but I’m afraid I like too many for that so I will allow ten.
So with immediate effect the first one would be Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd. The next would be If You Want Blood by AC/DC. The third would be Infected by The The. Fourth is Unplugged by Eric Clapton. Fifth would have to be One By One by Foo Fighters. Number six would be Inflammable Material by Stiff Little Fingers. Number seven is IV by Led Zeppelin. Number eight Easy Pieces by Lloyd Cole and The Commotions. Number nine is The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths and the final record would have to be Rage Against The Machine by Rage Against The Machine

This selection didn’t allow for any Oasis, Sex Pistols, The Jam, Morrissey, Public Service Broadcasting, Rizzle Kicks, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Specials, Madness, Stone Roses, Woodentops, Who, Stranglers….. This list is endless but something needs picking and if you ask me again tomorrow, I guarantee it will have changed…

Who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Batman? – I have NO idea but I reckon the one with the most gadgets is likely so lets say Batman, but Christian Bales Batman…. 😉

What did you have for breakfast? – Tea is my usual tipple of a morning followed by a bowl of Nutty Sugar Free Muesli

Describe the color yellow to somebody who’s blind – Wow! I think I would say if you screw your eyes up really tightly, the effect you get when you do this, the bright lights and stars you see would be how I would describe Yellow. Big, Bold and Bright with lots of action.

If you were asked to unload a 747 full of Jelly Beans, what would you do? – Call the wife (if I was married 😉 ) and tell her I won’t be home for tea then check myself into a sugar detox hospital and book an appointment at the dentist…!

What’s your favourite animated film? – Mary and Max. A film about an Australian girl who gets herself a pen pal called Max from New York. When Mary grows up and her life changes she travels to see Max only to find that he has severe issues of his own. Wonderful.

What was the inspiration for your blog/pen name? – Trying to come up with something that symbolises someone who was always eating. It was in fact my brother whom thought of the name. Other thoughts had been “The Fridge Pickers Bigger Knickers” and  “Leaving The Rat In Charge Of The Cheese”

What happens when you get scared half to death twice…? – Well you could die (being two haves make a whole) but if you multiply a half by a half you get a quarter and that makes it less likely so given my new outlook on life, that is what I am going for…

Why aren’t blueberries blue? – I don’t know because Lemons are Lemon, Oranges are Orange and Limes are…. Maybe they are just a very DARK blue so dark that the human eye can’t see them? 

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long words, but why is that word it so long? – To scare the bejesus out of the poor folks that have issues with the long words in the first place? A sick joke if ever there was one…!

What was the last lie you told? – What I had for breakfast the day I answered these questions. In truth I really had a small bacon roll and a Latte 🙂

What is the best compliment you have ever received? – To be fair it was a friend in the summer who called me the most generous, loving, kind, nurturing, understanding, supportive and patient man she had ever met. It still sticks with me today 🙂

Would you prefer to be ugly and live to be 100 or attractive and live for 30 years? – I think I have lived long enough as an ugly bloke so lets go with attractive… 🙂

Do you have any relatives in jail? – None that I know of, which is quite a surprise to be fair. Although I did have an uncle who was a Policeman (I think – we aren’t a particularly close family….)

What single piece of food could you never give up? – Bacon. Pure and simple.

Do you spread butter on before peanut butter? – God NO!! I think that would make it inedible or at least make me sick from the amount of fat I was shovelling in…. Mind you , I do like PB&J on toast…. 😉

Who do you most admire in life? – A difficult one this…. I would say my mother but I think that is more love than anything else so I suppose I most admire my brother. I know it might sound daft but he is a great older brother who always looked out for me (when he wasn’t beating me up so bad I locked myself in the bathroom..!) He is a self made man, extremely clever, erudite and knows a great deal of general knowledge. He would definitely be my “Phone a friend” on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire…. After that, I can’t see what else there is to say! 🙂

Would you prefer to date someone older or younger than yourself? – I have done both to be fair. I think that age should not matter when love is all consuming. If you love someone, what does it matter how old they are or look. Obviously certain extremes aren’t particularly pleasant on occasion but if everyone is happy why should a number matter? I think someone within a couple of years is where I would be but who knows what the future brings…

So there you go!

That was my interview.

I hope you liked them and have a better insight into my mad and twisted mind…

I must now ask you guys to please, please, please take the time to answer these yourselves and send them back to me. Human nature dictates we are all interested in finding out about each other, so don’t think that no-one will be interested! If you don’t have time to answer all of them, maybe just answer a few or maybe your favourite one but please do answer at least one 🙂

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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