No Change, Still Busy!

Evening world and thanks for tuning in!

Looks like I may have just made the eleventh hour for my post so I keep to my one post a day habit (or would like to think so given that I have had a few days off over the past wee while) so that my blog can have some content when finally turned into a book (a quick plug there for the future…😜)

So today has been fairly flat out starting off by running to my friends rescue after the cellar flooded overnight and needed emptying and mopping out which was a task in itself. I followed this up with a goodly bit is scraping for the decoration marathon that will be hitting my spare time soon!!

The day was finished off very well though with a lovely meal at my mothers. As I said on Friday youcan’t beat your own mothers Sunday Roast and never a truer word have I ever written.

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