The Hitch Bloggers Guide To The Blogosphere

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to a beautiful Thursday (yes, it is very nearly THE weekend) so time to start your relaxation measures and get imagineering what yours will bring because the more planned it is the better it will be, even if you simply plan to lay in bed and watch Saturday and Sunday morning television (cooking shows in this household) then follow it up with some hardcore relaxation, it will always go much smoother if the relaxation is planned like a clinical operation… 😉

Anyway, enough of that old tripe, it’s time to get going with todays post. So what is it about?
The Hitch Bloggers Guide?
Well to be honest I have no real idea! I dreamt the title up and decided that I liked it too much to leave alone so am now committed to it even though I cannot see that I will be able to do it justice because there won’t be any blowing up of the Earth, any Intergalactic Councils OR Intergalactic Space travel, aliens, hand held devices telling us “Don’t Panic” or computers called Deep Thought spending millions of years to come up with the answer to the meaning of life (42 for those who may be interested).

No, this guide will be a much more tame affair and will only be the Blogosphere according to the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet and no one else so I won’t ask you to sit down and strap in and you definitely won’t need a towel, a pint of beer or any peanuts.

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