You Are Not Alone

I am here with you….*

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to the last day of the working week, here on Planet Magnet…

What a great week this has been, lots to do and plenty has been accomplished. People seen, coffee’s had, catch ups completed along with working, writing, chores and much more. In fact yesterday whilst I was working I had tuned out so much (due to the tedious nature of the job in question) that when I came back to reality I thought I was talking to myself, only when I discovered my lips weren’t moving I realised I was having an internal dialogue with myself…..


Oh yes, this one here has internal dialogues with himself when he isn’t paying attention. How scary is that!

To describe what it is like, imagine when you type a text or you write an email or write a blog post and as you write you talk the story out loud, or under your breath so that you are clear in what you are writing down and that it makes sense. It is both an odd and pleasant feeling. Hopefully your lips don’t move when you are doing any of the activities in public, but hey, if they do, who cares? People can think what they want can’t they…!

Anyway, as I thought about my internal dialogue, I wondered if I was alone in doing this or if there are many more of us out there, roaming free in the world, getting on with life simply having perfectly acceptable conversations with ourselves in the privacy of our own heads…..?
I have known for a good long while that I use my “quiet time” as an opportunity to let my mind wander and consider different scenarios. I also know that this is a healthy thing to do because it allows you to re run things in your mind and consider different outcomes from what might have been said and should you ever be in that position again, you are more likely to react in the sensible cerebral way etc.

However, yesterday I was having a full blown internal dialogue with myself discussing the amount of things I had left to achieve with the work I am currently doing, the different ways I could approach my walk in the summer, the conversations I might have with the media at this time, the talks that I might give to school children over the coming months as we prepare to get them involved in walking, the coming weekend and what I might do or say should I spend time with certain people, how I might verbalise conversations I am thinking about and finally (although there are many, many more things that I think about and discuss with myself) what I might say in the video that I make today about the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet and the Kittens….

Now I am sure that this is quite okay to behave like this, it may well even be healthy but I am always a little concerned how “involved” I become in each scenario or conversation I am running through my head at any given time and how I even make up scenarios that may or may not happen. Now I am not saying that I take the stance of two separate people in my mind and have a conversation as though they are in my head and I am not saying that I hear voices but I definitely do have dialogues.

Like I said, Weirdo…. 😉

I suppose to this extent it is healthy because it helps me work through issues and solve problems that might have been bugging me. It helps me to re-arrange my thought processes so that I might get things straight in my mind.
In a way I suppose it is the same as discussing things with others so that you can get them off of your chest rather than harbouring all of that negative energy and feelings.
If I am honest, I think I have had this on-going dialogue in my head for many years and for many years it has served me well and at times has even kept me company. Actually, I can now give you a prime example of what I happens as I have literally just experienced one of my “episodes” as I write this post.
I have just created a situation that I may or may not find myself dealing with in the future, making up issues that such a situation brings up. Now these would be considered daydreams BUT, I believe they cannot simply because I actually verbalise the arguments or disagreements I have with people when I feel they have let me down, taken me for granted or simply not considered my feelings. This in itself is completely ridiculous, because I am dreaming up issues that will probably never happen but my fertile imagination creates them and then my brain reacts to the imagination, resulting in me having disagreements with people who up until this point have been simply nothing but polite, friendly, sweet and nice to me….!
I think a certain amount of over thinking is happening in this scenario and I am allowing my chimp’s imagination to run wild and not my human’s imagination to be in control, but it still happens and it still only happens in my head…!

So whilst it is healthy in some respects, I can see it’s toxicity in other parts as it dictates my feelings to me and decides whether I am happy or sad just because of a ridiculous thought about a future episode that will most likely NEVER happen.

For now though, I think I shall continue to work things out but keep that chimp at bay, keep his silly thoughts out of my pictures and all will be good with the world, even if a little bit crazy….

Am I alone after all? Do you have a brain that works like this?

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

*Michael Jackson – You Are Not Alone.

36 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone

  1. sleeveforme22 says:

    Yes! My brain does the same thing. I also find at times it causes me to worry about things that will never happen. I’ve tried as of late to bring in what I’ve learned in my yoga practice – acknowledge those feelings without becoming involved in the story and then to let them go. Ibe not mastered that yet, but I’m trying especially when those feelings are more on the negative or worrying side.

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  2. Lynz Real Cooking says:

    I think when you have so much going on in your life and in your mind trying to organize it all, then this is what happens! I find myself deep in thought going over the day and even months to come and thinking what needs to be accomplished! I agree with the comment above about meditation! I need to try it for sure!

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  3. Dr Meg Sorick says:

    You are not alone! I do this all the time! I also sometimes continue my internal conversations out loud to whomever I’m with and they end up totally confused. 🙂 I think internal conversations are healthy, it is good for planning and helping to choose your words carefully when facing certain situations. The trick is to not let the scenarios playing out in your mind turn into speculation and endless worry. Sometimes what we imagine is way worse than the eventual reality! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  4. mrsmendymac says:

    I talk to myself as well.. sometimes out loud, sometimes quietly. Most times my lips move. I call it “verbally organizing my thoughts” so when I’m caught I don’t have to admit I was talking to myself, although they mean the exact same thing.. haha

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  5. New Journey says:

    ME, myself and I are always having a conversation…..I have been in so deep in my head I don’t even hear people come up and start talking to me…LOL I don’t ever care what anyone thinks about how strange or weird I am….I take that as a compliment…the last thing I want to be is “in the Norm of things” glad we are part of the same club!!! LOL keep on having discussions with yourself….its all good….kat

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  6. jncthedc says:

    I am willing to bet you have had some past experiences that have caused more emotional harm than the situation may have intended. By creating an internalized verbal argument you construct a method to deal with “potential” future comments or situations without lashing out and possibly overreacting. It prepares you ahead of time so your reaction can come from an experience you already worked out in your mind. This allows you to RESPOND rather than REACT.
    Their is a down side, however. You put your mind AND BODY through a stress response to deal with a situation that hasn’t happened and may never happen. This can cause physical harm over time as well as a sense of fatigue. You might be better off learning to identify your emotional response to situations and see if its intensity matches or exceeds your expected response. This will help identify past experiences and the people who may have hurt you from today’s experiences and the new relationships you have formed. You probably don’t want to EQUATE a hurtful person or situation from the past with the people you currently associate with. You would be transferring harmful intent (as a defensive response) onto your current friends or situations without their purposeful intent of doing harm.
    We humans are complicated. I’ll bet as you continue to move forward and discover even more about yourself, you will find it easier to let go of defensive posturing because the need will no longer exist. Your focus will be on Cameron’s opinion of Cameron.The only judge you will need to answer to is God.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      You are so true Doc, it really does stress me out for no reason at all and getting wound u is not conducive to my well being at all. The crazy thing is that there is usually NO reason for me to be feeling like this at ANY point because the issues are in my mind!
      I do appreciate that running certain scenarios is good for my actual response but on these occasions it is only likely scenarios that are worth while running in order to find the correct response….!

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  7. theturtle says:

    Ah ! You are totally Not Alone on this one 😉
    My brain works like that too 🙂 But in my case only confusion comes out of it , whereas in your case I can see that something good is the result 🙂 as per your very clear post
    Turtle Hugs

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  8. thelonelyauthorblog says:

    Oh. you touched on a sensitive subject in this chimp’s house. I do scenes from my screenplays or novels by mumbling to myself to test the dialogue. Spouse goes beszerk calling me crazy. I talk to mysef all the time, especially while blogging. Great post. Fun to read.

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  9. OneDizzyBee says:

    It’s good to know I’m not alone in the “mental dialogue” department 🙂 I’ve had entire conversations (arguments) with people – in my head – and more often than not, the situation I’m concocting never comes to fruition. But “what if”, right? I’ve also found myself from time to time annoyed with the person I had the imaginary argument with – which I find completely hilarious! Luckily I’m not completely insane so I recognize how silly it all is. I’m also too old to change at this point so will likely continue to have my little brain-dialogues forever!

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      It is mad but I am having so many conversations like this! I even had one with my friend this morning who described exactly what you did before I even had a chance to tell her that is how my mind worked when I get myself angsty with someone for no good reason and it is all happening in my mind!!
      We are WEIRDO’s!!


  10. Amanda says:

    I do it so badly my best friends have come up with a term for it, “Amandalyzing”! I re-run EVERYTHING in my head, analyzing even scrnario that did occur, what could have been different, what scenario could happen in the future, and so on. So, yes I’m with you- I talk to myself all of the time lol!

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