19 Weeks To Save My Life….

I know I know, a little bit dramatic, a little bit “A year to save my life” but also a little bit true….

And NO, I don’t need anyone to help to save my life so stand down all…!

Good morning friends and thanks for tuning in to another day here on the wonderful world that is Planet Magnet. Where full stops and comma’s appear at random and capital letters have a life of their own, springing up as they see fit.

But then I don’t think you guys would have it any other way would you….?

So what’s this title all about?

Well today I was supposed go to the gym to discuss my training schedule for the next four months and I was excited to say the least, unfortunately I have just received a text to say that the trainer in question has been sent home for looking a bit ill…!
Probably just as well we don’t trouble him with tasks such as training me, I need his head to be completely clear and focussed. This means the appointment will postponed until next week and I will no doubt report on it then.

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